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Alongside ancient rainforest, within the lush green expanse of a working tea plantation, this is a place where you can be you, but at your very best; renewed and transformed; a place where dreams come alive and where the magic happens. This is One&Only.

We are recruiting Rwandans to fill some vacancies to join our brand new One&Only Nyungwe House.


Job Description – Experience Manager

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Experience Manager




Guest Services

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Nature Resort Manager


Experience Hosts/experts

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To oversee, co-ordinate and develop the personalised tours, field activities and services for the guests and visitors of the Resort.  To participate in and assist with the conservation and ecological work, and to act as the primary link between the guest and the excursions, ensuring that the standards of all equipment and facilities used by Experience Hosts and guests are safe and maintained at the required standards. To be responsible for communication between guests and Experience Hosts, and for development and training the Experience Hosts with regard to ecology, history, heritage and culture. Daily allocation of duties to Experience Hosts in line with the Resort's services and functionality and the implementation and co-ordination of various conservation management plans.

How to apply:

All interested candidates click here to understand the role and send your CV to:Careers@oneandonlynyungwehouse.com not later than 8th April 2019