Experience Manager

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Cushioned in the foothills of the breathtaking Virunga volcano range, One&Only Gorilla’s Nest makes the magical possible as you enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime, personal encounter with the rare and majestic mountain gorilla, roaming free in its own natural habitat., at One&Only, we are all connected by our purpose to create joy for our guests and for each other

Job Description – Experience Manager

1  Position Details

Position  Experience Manager
Level  Manager
Department   Experience Department
Reports to   Lodge Manager
Subordinates  Experience Hosts

 2.  Job Details & Requirements

Job Summary

To oversee, coordinate and develop personalized tours, field activities, and services for the guests and visitors of the Resort.  To participate in and assist with the conservation and ecological work, and to act as the primary link between the guest and the excursions, ensuring that the standards of all equipment and facilities used by Experience Hosts and guests are safe and maintained at the required standards. To be responsible for communication between guests and Experience Hosts, and for development and training the Experience Hosts with regard to ecology, history, heritage, and culture. Daily allocation of duties to Experience Hosts in line with the Resort's services and functionality and the implementation and coordination of various conservation management plans.





A Degree, Diploma or recognized training in the relevant area of study.

Training in P.R. or guest services is relevant but not essential. 

Specialized Knowledge

Any of the following specialized areas of interest, ability or training would be relevant:

1) Guest Service Experience

2) Knowledge of Rwandan Animals

3) Natural Sciences

4) Professional Guiding


At least 2 years of working experience in a supervisory position relevant to the job requirements.

Experience in a similar resort would be a strong recommendation.

A drivers’ license and certification in First Aid will assist the Colleague. 

Individual experiences

The Colleague should have one or more of the following abilities/experiences/traits:

1) English, plus fluency in a foreign language is an advantage.

2) A First Aid certification.


a) Customer and Service Orientation: The job holder is responsible for carrying out the supervision of guests, and the delivery of a wide range of guest services. The job will require a person who is disciplined, punctual and aware of guest needs and who has the natural ability to respond to this in an enthusiastic, open and professional manner.

b) Adaptability: The position calls for a diverse range of activities. Being in the ‘front line’ and dealing with guests’ requests/complaints, the job holder will be required to make independent judgments that respond to individual needs. The ability to take these decisions and action the appropriate response will be part of the day-to-day duties of this position. 

c) Team OrientationThe job will require the coordination of services from many support departments and persons. In providing the guest with the best possible services from these departments the titleholder must ensure co-operation and support from the service providers. They should, therefore, be aware of the limitations and capabilities of fellow Colleagues, and be willing to participate with others to achieve results.

d) Communication Skills:  The job-holder is expected to initiate and develop rapport, and to be informative towards their allocated guests. The ability to listen, interpret and manage the response to guests is of primary importance in meeting the guest’s expectations and enhancing their appreciation of the Resort. Equally, this applies to the providing of clear and accurate information to the other departments of the Resort ensuring that the required results achieve the standards necessary.

e) DiplomacyThe job holder, in dealing with a diversity of guests and many internal departments which will require sensitivity, and the ability to produce clear results from these interactions. A self-disciplined, sincere and enthusiastic response to situations, people and departments will be a requirement for producing the desired results. 

f) Professional Knowledge: The job holder will be required to put knowledge and experience to practical use, utilizing these skills to manage their daily resort functions, while being able to convey this knowledge to the guests, visitors and other Colleagues of the Resort.

4. How to apply

If you want to be part of us kindly send your Cv on jeanne.kayitesi@oneandonlygorillasnest.com not later than 5th of March 2019