Experienced Rwandan Women Facilitators/Trainers

Katie Carlson-Akuno Consulting

Katie Carlson-Akuno is an international gender specialist and a vocal advocate for the rights of women and girls around the world. 

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Sub-contractor Recruitment Notice

Position: Experienced Rwandan women facilitators/trainers (4 positions available)

Estimated start date: April 18, 2022

Type of contract: Consultancy contract

Time commitment: Part-time role for project implementation, approx. 4-6 days per month from late April to end of October; 1-3 additional days for follow up data collection in January 2023

Length of engagement: Approx. 10 months

Summary of the role: The Gender Action Research project is a collaborative partnership between Land O’Lakes Venture37 in Rwanda, Picture Impact (US-based), and Katie Carlson-Akuno consulting in Rwanda. The project is funded by USAID and takes an ‘action research’ approach, focusing on building, customizing, and implementing a Cooperative Leadership and Entrepreneurship training curriculum for rural, low literacy, agricultural, female cooperative members, testing the curriculum with both control groups as well as intervention groups from the previous Gender Action Plan implemented in the CD4 program, to assess and compare impact and the value of gender transformative approaches in women’s economic empowerment programming. Women facilitators will play a crucial role in implementing the 6-month training curriculum with women farmers attached to agricultural cooperatives in different districts of Rwanda. Each facilitator will implement the full curriculum (12 modules, half-day each module) over the course of six months with two coops each, as well as document their own insights and observations from the experience on an ongoing basis, and circle back 3 months after the end of the training to capture additional data from women participants.

Essential duties and responsibilities for each facilitator:

  • Undergo an in-depth ‘training of trainers’ process for preparing to facilitate the curriculum and become familiar with the action research elements of the curriculum
  • Implement the full curriculum with two coops in rural districts of Rwanda (12 modules for each coop)
  • Document in detail their observations and experiences related to the progress of women participants in the training sessions, immediately after each session
  • Attend a group debriefing / feedback session with the project team and other facilitators after each module is complete
  • Return to each of their two coops in January 2023 to capture additional feedback from women participants three months after the close of the curriculum (1-3 days total)

Required competencies and skills:

  • At least two years of practical, hands-on experience with in-person facilitation in Rwanda, particularly in rural areas – please note, applicants who do not have prior significant experience with training and facilitation will not be considered for this role.
  • Significant knowledge of and experience with women’s economic empowerment and gender issues in the Rwandan context
  • Extensive knowledge of participatory facilitation techniques
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • Strong communication skills including active listening, effective questioning, and awareness of non-verbal communication
  • Ability to manage group interactions and engage with a variety of people from different backgrounds
  • Punctual with a high degree of professionalism
  • Confident public speaker; energetic, positive and enthusiastic
  • Knowledge of / experience with agricultural coops is an advantage
  • Fully fluent in English and Kinyarwanda
  • Applicants should be Rwandan by nationality

Compensation: Competitive day rate, approximately 48-50 days total contract. Successful candidates will need to provide a recent tax clearance certificate, and/or proof of tax filing for the previous year along with a valid TIN number.

To apply:

Please send a detailed cover letter describing your interest in the role and why you believe you are the right candidate for this opportunity, as well as an updated CV highlighting your previous training and facilitation experience (including two professional references to be contacted) to: consulting@katie-carlson.co


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