Expression of interest Support Rwanda Development Board in the development of videos to market Rwanda as a bird watching destination

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Expression of interest

Support Rwanda Development Board in the development of videos to market Rwanda as a bird watching destination

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a federally-owned enterprise which assists the German government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation. GIZ has been in Rwanda for over 30 years. The primary objectives between the Government of Rwanda and the Federal Republic of Germany are poverty reduction and promotion of sustainable development.

A.    General Context of Eco-Emploi 2016 - 2019

Rwanda has maintained steady growth and macroeconomic stability for the past 15 years, between 2002 and 2016 real GDP growth averaged at about 9% per annum. However, the rate of unemployment and underemployment is high and most of those in employment still work in poorly paid positions, above all in agriculture. The vast majority of youth leaves schools hardly equipped for the labour market. A strong middle class that could provide for a solid foundation for the country’s economy does not exist.

The programme Eco-Emploi is part of the priority area “Sustainable Economic Development” of the Rwandan-German Development Cooperation and will be implemented between June 2016 and Mai 2019. Eco-Emploi embodies an integrated approach of technical and vocational education and training, labour market interventions and private sector development. It supports the economic sectors ICT, wood economy, tourism, creative industries [above all audio-visual business] and E-Commerce-Logistics. The economic empowerment of women and people living with disabilities are a cross-cutting effort in all activities of the programme.

Eco- Emploi’s success is mainly defined by the amount of jobs that are created though the programme’s activities.

For more information, please visit EcoEmploi’s homepage:


B.    Rationale of the assignment
1)    Description of assignment:

In the Vision 2020 strategy, tourism was identified as one of priority sectors to achieve the country’s development goals. One key challenging factor still remains the diversification of tourism products to attract more tourists. Positioning Rwanda as a bird watching destination has been identified as one of the interventions to increase and upgrade the range of tourism products offered by the country. The Rwandan National Tourism Strategy has offered a strategy to develop and promote bird watching in Rwanda by taking into account the actual situation and providing potential strategies and approaches to making Rwanda a high profile bird watching destination. In order to have achievable interventions that would make an impact in the tourism sector, Eco- Emploi has supported an assessment of the different birding routes in Rwanda as part of the efforts to develop and promote Rwandan birding routes. Among other observation through this process, it has been realized that the awareness of Rwanda as a destination suitable for bird watching is still low both locally and at an international level compared to other tourism products. Innovative and diversified efforts to increase the awareness and potentials of Rwanda as a bird watching destination are needed.

In this regard, Eco- Emploi would like to hire a consultant to prepare and produce small videos that would offer potential investors (e.g. international tour agencies specialized in bird watching) and tourists (domestic and foreign birders) four dimensional rides through the landscapes of the country and diverse wildlife with a special focus on the birds of Rwanda. These videos are expected to be used in fairs targeting birders and or in meetings.

2)    Process and methodology of the assignment:


The objective of this assignment is to support the preparation and production of 6 videos in high definition (4k) that will be used to promote Rwanda as a bird watching destination. The target audience for the videos are potential investors in the field of bird watching in Rwanda such as international tour agencies specialized in bird watching and potential birders to visit Rwanda. The assignment will produce one three- minute video about Rwanda as a bird watching destination generally and five different videos for the selected birding routes (5 minutes each). Each video will cover, but not limited to the beauty of the destination, the most attractive landscapes, the wildlife of the destination with a special focus on the birds, capture a number of birds (strategy to feature the endemic and most colourful birds will be mostly favoured), the quality of accommodation according to the requirements of the target market and if possible bird guides on duty. The videos will include a background soundtrack of the natural sound are not appealing and a partial voice over.

The consultancy will implement the assignment by following these steps:

Step one: Pre-production or preparation of the content and shooting environment: the consultant will work together with a professional bird guide to agree on the content of the videos and the itinerary design. Together they will develop a production plan and will do location scouting. Regarding the destination, these are key considerations to be made:

  • the beauty of destination (Rwanda generally and five other selected birding routes)
  • main nature attractions of the destination
  • the wildlife, special birds of the location (this has to be planned very well together with the birding guide as some birds have time and environment conditions to view them),
  • quality of the accommodation suitable for birders (more clarifications are needed on the standards required by birder)
  • if possible guides on duty will be filmed in the video.
  • The consultant will also prepare a text caption that will accompany the videos. Before starting the shooting, the consultant will also prove the availability of a high quality camera with long focal lenses for bird close ups. The consultant is expected to use drones for good capture of the landscape and prove the right to use it thought the assignment.

Step two:  videos production and editing: the consultant will travel around the country to shoot the videos and will select the best timing to cover all the important aspects of the videos. The consultant will take into consideration that there is need to produce 6 small videos. The locations that will be covered are Akagera National Park (5 minutes), the Kivu Belt Region (5 minutes), Nyungwe National Park (5 minutes), Nyabarongo and the surroundings (5 minutes) and the mountain birding route (5 minutes). The generic video for Rwanda will be a summary of all covered locations (3 minutes). The editing of the videos will not only consider the best images, but also what the target audience would like to see and know about Rwanda. The final approved products will be handed over to RDB and GIZ.

3)    Reporting and cooperation:

The consultant will report to the Tourism Focal Person of Eco-Emploi Programme and to the Product Development Division Manager within RDB.

Steps and activities of the assignment will be decided together with Eco-Emploi and RDB and they will advise on the involvement of private and public sector stakeholder.

All the organized events and their outcomes will be shared to Eco-Emploi. All the photos and videos taken during the assignment will be handed to GIZ and they will be the property of RDB, and the consultant shall commit to the following:

C.    Deliverables:

The following deliverables are expected throughout and by the end of the assignment:

  • An inception report to be shared at least one week after the beginning of the assignment, including a detailed content of the videos, shooting itinerary and the whole assignment plan. A proper production plan shall be part of the inception report
  • Briefing meeting with Eco-Emploi and RDB to agree on the expected outcome from the assignment;
  • Field visit for shooting in the recommended specific areas, location scouting
  • Six different videos. Each video has spoken message to explain a bit about the locations accompanying the images as well as background music;
  • A presentation of the videos to the partners (Eco- Emploi, RDB and the Rwanda Birding Association);
  • The consultant will ensure that she/he obtains the copyrights to all material used in the production as well as consent of all individuals shown. Respective written and signed documentation has to be submitted.

D.    Copyrights and licence

The Contractor irrevocably and non-exclusively assigns to GIZ without geographical or time restrictions in particular the following copyright rights, rights of use, related rights and other rights pertaining to the selected picture/video material

Infringement of third party rights

  • The Contractor is obliged to ensure that no third party rights, especially personal rights, are infringed by the picture or video material or its contractually agreed use which may result in claims against GIZ.
  • The Contractor guarantees that it is free to use the picture material delivered to GIZ, that it is not subject to any third party rights and that any individuals shown in the pictures or video agree to its publication without any payment being due. This shall apply in particular to the use of the images as part of GIZ’s press and public relations work.
  • The Contractor shall indemnify GIZ against third party claims with regard to the provisions specified above upon receipt of the first demand.

Defence against third party infringement of rights

If third party infringement of the rights listed above occurs or is threatened, the Contractor is obliged to notify GIZ immediately and to do cause to be done everything necessary to defend against the infringements.

  • Timeframe of the assignment
  • The assignment is to start in September 2018. All final products have to be handed in by 30th November, 2018.Key characteristics of consultant(s)
    1. Proven work experience with bird watching related video coverage in East Africa (at least 5 bird productions)
    2. At least 10 years’ work experience in wildlife video production including bird watching video production (incl. sound recording)
    3. At least 10 years’ experience in editing
    4. Proven experience in the business of birding
    5. Recommendation from a previous assignment
    6. High quality equipment for wildlife video production and editing
    7. Proven record of assembling and leading a production team

G.    Application

Please hand in your complete offer by 27.08.2018 by 4 p.m. All offers arriving delayed cannot be considered. The offers to be submitted include a technical proposal and financial proposal in separated & sealed envelops  plus a sample video(s) produced related to this assignment (the sample should be on a USB stick or a link to the produced video).

Submit all your application at the desk of

GIZ office

41, KN ST 17,

P.O. Box 59

Kiyovu – Kigali

Tel: 0252573537