Field Agronomist

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Field Agronomist

Your role as an Agronomist is to develop better farming practices and find effective solutions for the farming of horticultural produce in Rwanda. The key crops are Capsicum annuum and Phaseolus vulgaris. This role is predominantly based on the field and requires extensive experience growing the aforementioned crops.


  • Your primary role is to ensure that expected production is always met. You will be accountable for the delivery of expected yields from the farms.
  • Recruiting, training and supervising Farm Managers, and other Farm staff.
  • Crop budgeting and planning, and permanent record keeping Coordination of harvestings and advising the management of daily harvestings.
  • Crop rotation planning and hybrid/variety selection recommendations
  • Visiting fields to collect seed, plant, and soil samples and testing samples for nutritional deficiencies, diseases, or other changes.
  • Prepare and present detailed field reports to the lead supervisor and management
  • Ensuring that the logistics coordinator observes proper transportation and documentation of produce from the field to the end customer.
  • Researching, developing, and promoting farming practices or products that diminish the effects of changes in soil, climate, and weather or prevent damage from pests.
  • Insect, weed and disease monitoring/diagnostics
  • Assisting with the plant selection process and the development of planting and irrigation schedules, budgets, and timelines.
  • Ensuring the produce meets the international buyer requirements. Particularly the Global GAP accreditation.
  • Making chemical, fertilizer and seed recommendations.
  • Proactively promote and inform the sales team on current and potential upcoming agronomic issues that affect growing crops.
  • Keep up to date with agronomic practices by attending company-sponsored workshops and seminars to gain and maintain agronomic knowledge.



  • Diploma/Degree in Horticulture or an equivalent combination of education.
  • Have at least 5 years of field experience in agribusiness.
  • Have at least 2-3 years’ experience in the farming of Capsicum annuum (birds eye chilies) and Phaseolus vulgaris (French beans).
  • Sound knowledge of fertilizer and chemical products with fertilization recommendations
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Demonstrate PR and interpersonal skills, leadership skills, supervisory skills and strategic planning