Firm for conducting the training in Entrepreneurship and Business Development

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Firm for conducting the training in Entrepreneurship and Business Development

 Duty station


Expected starting date

August 12th, 2019

Duration of assignment

 Three weeks from 12th to 30th August 2019.

  1. Background:

Established in 1997, FAWE Rwanda intervention have mainly focused on changing the prevailing attitudes and mindset regarding girls’ education to ensure gender equity in education especially with regards to increase girls’ access, retention and performance in education. Specific interventions spanned from influencing education policies and laws to ensure they are gender sensitive, teachers training in Gender Responsible Pedagogy, empowering girls through TUSEME clubs where they are also taught life skills and through various advocacy and awareness-raising activities at the national and community levels. In partnership with funding partners (US Government, Mastercard Foundation, Winrock International /REACH project, UNHCR, Beautiful World Canada and many individual sponsors), FAWE Rwanda supported more than 20,500 scholars (both girls and boys) to achieve basic education i.e. primary and secondary education since 1997 providing tuition and non-tuition financial assistance to smart girls and boys from disadvantaged households.

  1. Rationale:

FAWE Rwanda through the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program will award comprehensive scholarships to scholars transitioning to tertiary level at the end of 2019. In order to prepare the scholars to be competitive and equip them with a good foundation in sciences and technologies for the tertiary level education, FAWE Rwanda is planning a 3 weeks boot camp for 504 scholars who graduated from A’ level in 2018,  to fill the basic gaps in ICT  and mathematics in secondary education but also organize a refresher training in entrepreneurship and business development to strengthen  scholars’ knowledge and skills  acquired during the previous  training in entrepreneurship and business development that was organized in  April 2019.

  1. Expected outcomes for the training in Entrepreneurship and Business Development:
  • All the 504 enabled to review and internalize the main steps undertaken to develop a fundable business plan;
  • At least 60% of scholars are enabled to draft a business idea in less than 1,000 words.

4.    Scope of the work:

  • Develop the training module and tools and discuss them with FAWE Rwanda before the training
  • A pre-test to know the level of scholars
  • Carry out the training within the given timeline.
  • Prepare and submit the report within the given timeline
  1. Duration:

Training in Entrepreneurship, Mathematics, and ICT will happen concurrently at the same venue in Kigali from 12th August to 30 August 2019.

  1. Training report:

The firm should submit the training to FAWE Rwanda not later than 10th September 2019.

  1. Required expertise and qualifications:

1.    Having accumulated experience in conducting trainings in Entrepreneurship and Business  
2.    Having an  authorization of training and certified trainers in Entrepreneurship and Business  
3.    Capacity to instigate and lead  trainees  to design and evaluate  fundable and viable business plans
4.    Having its own training materials and handouts
5.    Having conducted successively similar trainings is an added value.
6.    Having a team of at least 3 lead trainers and 5 assistant trainers fulfilling the requirements:
a.    A minimum of bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, Finance. (above degree is an added advantage); Ref. Updated CV
b.    Ability to produce the highest quality and actionable report acceptable to a wide range of stakeholders who include the FAWE and partners. Ref. CV cover letter and reports of previous similar assignments by a consultant.
c.    Proven experience of developing high-quality Entrepreneurship and or Business development training, with verifiable proof; Ref. CV, recommendation letters and reports of previous similar trainings
7.    Availability of the lead trainers (3) and assistant training during all the time of the training

  1. Application procedure:

Qualified and interested firms are hereby requested to submit technical and financial proposals. 

While submitting the Technical Proposal, the firm must ensure to attach the following:

  1. Two notarized copies of reference for similar work
  2. Tax clearance certificate issued by RRA
  3. Registration certificate issued by RDB
  4. Updated CVs of the individuals proposed for this statement of work, highlighting relevant qualifications and experience;
  5. Profile of the firm (max 1 page) explaining why it is the most suitable for the work;
  6. Detailed methodology and conceptual framework with expected deliverables within a set timeline (between 3 and 5 pages).
  7. At least two copies of contracts for similar work
  8. At least two copies of certificate of good completion for similar work
  9. All the documents mentioned under expertise and qualifications.

Financial proposal:

The financial proposal should specify the total amount (all tax inclusive) in Rwandan currency and provide details for each item budgeted for leading to the total cost.

  1. Bids submission:

Interested eligible firms shall submit their technical and financial proposals in 2 separate sealed envelopes (one for the technical offer and another for a financial offer) to the following physical address of FAWE Rwanda; REB premises nearby the Curriculum Development Department not later than June 24, 2019, before 12: 00 am. Late applications will not be accepted.

  1. Opening ceremony:

The opening of bids is planned the same day (June 24, 2019, at 12: 30 pm) in FAWE Rwanda board room.

Done at Kigali, June 7, 2019

Mutabazi Theodore

Acting National Coordinator