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Hiring a Travel Agency to Provide Air Tickets, Travel Insurances and Visa for Staff

SOS Children's Villages Rwanda

Established in 1949, SOS Children's Villages International is non-governmental organization working globally to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children. SOS Children's Villages International is an umbrella organization that provides support and guidance to SOS member associations in over 135 countries worldwide. Our vision is that every child belongs to a family arid grows with love, respect and security.


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SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda is an International NGO and above all that protects the rights of vulnerable children and takes care of children who have lost or who are at risk of losing parental care. The organization is implementing a range of programs covering childcare, youth care, family strengthening and advocacy of child rights. To achieve those goals, it organizes and conducts diverse training sessions for SOS co-workers in and outside the country.

It is the reason why SOS Children’s Villages, would like to hire a travel agency to provide air tickets, travel insurances and visa for staff.

Required services

  • To Book and issue air tickets at a very short notice either during office hours or beyond office hours including Sundays and holidays at lowest fare at the time of booking ;
  • To find travel insurance for staff travelling
  • To provide visa facilitation when required
  • Any other job related to clauses of the above services

Geographical coverage in Rwanda : Access to at least 8 Airlines operating locally  

  • Africa : at least in forty countries (40)
  • America : at least in four locations (4)
  • Europe : at least in three locations (3)
  • Asia : at least in two locations (2)
  • South East Asia : at least in three locations (3)

Eligible bidders should fulfil following requirement:

  • Holding RDB registration certificate
  • Copy of trading license in domain
  • A copy of tax clearance certificate from RRA
  • Being a national company, Value Tax (VAT) registered
  • Five years experience in Air Travel and Ticketing Industry
  • Presentation of IATA certificate of accreditation will be an added value
  • A copy of social security certificate from RSSB Valid certificate from the relevant PSF local association
  • Details of successfully executed similar work along with good completion certificates (At least 3 certificates)
  • Proof of payment of tender non-refundable fees equivalent to (10,000 Rwf) Ten Thousand Rwandan Francs payable on SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda account number: 400418314910177 entitled SOS CV Rwanda TRUST opened in BPR
  • Bidders are requested to provide financial offers, giving corporate discounts for almost airlines operating into Rwanda

Bidders should also highlight:  

  • Other benefits that can be offered to SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda
  • Charge for fixed date change
  • Cancellation charge
  • Other charges not highlighted above 

Prices quoted by the bidder shall be fixed during the bidder ‘s performance of the contract and not subject to variation on any account. A bid submitted with an adjustable price quotation shall be treated as nonresponsive and might be rejected; The bid price shall be quoted entirely in Rwandan Francs, all taxes and charges inclusive; In case the offer price will be expressed in foreign currencies, it shall be converted into Rwandan Francs at the National Bank of Rwanda selling rate as per effective dates. 

Two agencies will be selected on the basis of offering highest discount and will be given an annual framework agreement renewable upon agreement of both parties 

For travel insurances and visa, bidders should define how they will manage and handle SOS Children‘s Villages Rwanda demands and the way they will offer the best negotiated rate of all required services. 

How to bid

Bids should be submitted to the National Office of SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda located at Kacyiru through the following E-mail: copy no later than 26th September 2023 at 5:00 PM 

Done at Kigali, September 12th, 2023

Jean Bosco KWIZERA

National Director

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