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Hospitality Assistant

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Hospitality Assistant

University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) Butaro, Rwanda

Job Title: Hospitality Assistant

Reports to: Hospitality Coordinator

Location: Butaro, Rwanda

Position Overview

This position is responsible for assisting in day-to-day campus hospitality on all items related to accommodation, cleaning, operations, special events, program logistical support, welcoming visitors and new residents, and more. Reporting to the Hospitality Coordinator, the Hospitality Assistant is required to live on the Butaro campus full time including some weekends as needed.


  • Support in liaising between UGHE operations team, the outsourced cleaning firm as well as campus residents when it comes to all campus hospitality needs;
  • Assist in coordinating the Butaro Campus housing assignment schedule for all staff, faculty, visiting faculty, visitors and programs, quarantine units, in coordination with both the operations and academic program teams.
  •  Working with the operations team to maintain all housing items and equipment.
  •  Assist the Hospitality Coordinator in improving the full campus housing cleaning schedule in liaison with the outsourced cleaning firm supervisor and the Campus Operations Manager;
  •  Conduct regular checks to ensure that all rooms and units are fully prepared at least 24 hours in advance of the resident's arrival;
  •  Partake in-unit inspections with the student services and facilities team to ensure all housing is being maintained accordingly by UGHE and its residents;
  • Provide administrative and oversight support in cleaning checklist distribution for each housing unit and academic/admin building (ie cleaning checklist, supply checklist, maintenance checklist, etc.)
  • Follow up with the Campus Operations team in carrying out specific operations duties as needed (i.e. if a resident informs you that they have no hot water, work with the plumber to ensure it is fixed efficiently and then inform the resident once it is complete.)
  •  Assist in the recording of a daily track record of all accommodation requests, complaints, actions taken and so on coming in to the hospitality team;
  • Support in monitoring all logged accommodation issues over time and suggest ways for improvement during weekly meetings with the Hospitality Coordinator;
  • Assist in liaising with the dining firm manager on a daily basis to ensure outsourced staff are performing adequately and work schedules are harmonious - provide training and mentorship when they are not meeting expectations;
  •  Support in the planning and coordination of special events, academic program needs, etc.;
  •  Collaborate with the Hospitality Coordinator to continually develop and improve Campus accommodation services systems to better meet the needs of the residents;
  •  Support in the development of a detailed technical Hospitality Manual and accompanying Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) laying out how all accommodation and hospitality related functions are to operate on the campus (ie responding to resident needs in the housing, quarantine units, etc.);
  •  Work closely with the Facilities team to conduct testing the functionality of the equipment installed in accommodation facilities to ensure they are in good working order after handover from the construction firm but before campus occupancy (i.e. ensuring doors and windows open correctly, water pressure is sufficient, etc.);
  •  As UGHE brings new housing and buildings online, oversee the increasing of contracted services as well as advise on procurement requirements;
  •  Fill in for general administrative needs on campus such as printing, mail receipt, and delivery, scheduling, program support, office supply ordering, and distribution, etc.

Operations, Procurement & Logistics

  • Support with campus operations tasks as needed;
  • Help to ensure all Campus accommodations are fully stocked with the baseline items provided by UGHE;
  • Be proactive to minimize stock outs and waste on campus;
  • Assist with the procurement needs and installations of all furniture, fixtures, and equipment throughout all the housing units as well as new housing as they are built;
  • Assist with the recording, tracking, and delivery of procurement needs for all cleaning and unit supplies

Community Relations

 Support community relations efforts by acting as another friendly face of UGHE welcoming guests and community members as needed, attending community events, striving to build and maintain excellent relationships with our neighbors in the cell, sector, and district;


  •  Minimum 2-3 years work experience in hospitality or other related fields.
  •  Experience coordinating hospitality/administration in a university, NGO, or hotel industry setting.
  •  Knowledge and experience in higher education or global health is mandatory; knowledge and experience in both is desired.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills; ability to articulate UGHE’s and PIH’s mission and program objectives persuasively.
  • Ability to serve as an external representative to government officials, UGHE partners, and donors.
  • Ability to live in Butaro full-time required (including weekends as needed).
  • English and Kinyarwanda proficiency required; French knowledge preferred.
  • Excellent organizational skills; ability to manage complex and dynamic projects from creation to completion, plan and prioritize multiple projects, and coordinate teams to meet deadlines.
  •  Exemplary interpersonal skills; ability to collaborate effectively with culturally diverse staff across departments and organizations.
  • Demonstrated poise, tact, integrity, and professionalism.
  • Interest in social justice is strongly desirable.
  •  Bachelor’s degree required.

How to apply

Candidates should submit a CV and a cover letter detailing their interest and aptitude for this position by the link:

The deadline: 3rd October  2021