Human Resources Specialist

Souk Farms

SOUK Farms is one of the largest growers and exporters of fresh horticultural produce from Rwanda—the land of a thousand hills.

We export a variety of fruits and vegetables across Europe and the Middle East, while also serving consumers in our local market.

We work with over 500 farmers across Rwanda, with farming operations spanning 200 hectares of land. Of the total hectarage, we operate 130 hectares as our own farm. SOUK Farms one of the leading horticultural exporters in Rwanda.

Innovation and superior business operations are the cornerstones of our strategy. Despite the challenges brought about by climate change and disruptive rainfall patterns, we have invested in researching ways to strengthen the resilience of our farms and maintain consistent supplies to our customers. For example, we are incorporating drip irrigation across all our farms in order to increase efficiency of water use.

In this way, we strive to become the leading exporter of fresh horticultural produce in Rwanda

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Human Resources Specialist

Your job as HR Specialist will be to in charge of people management. We are looking to implement a Social Sustainability Framework for all our operations and we are looking to have someone run and lead those systems. We have over 1000 employees located at the farm, packhouse, and head office who all need to be managed in a manner that is effective, fair and in line with global practices.


Main responsibilities. These are the primary measure of performance.

  • Create training and development plans for the team
  • Create an onboarding process for the team and lead orientations, as well as an exit process
  • Sit in on interviews to ensure that we are choosing the right fit for our operations
  • Create people management policies and procedures for the ways in which the team should conduct themselves
  • Implement frameworks such as employee code of conduct, Performance management and Talent development policy etc
  • Create budgets for the team personal development plans
  • Developing and administering health and safety programs
  • Conducting safety inspections
  • Maintaining accident records
  • Create salary structures
  • Act as an external party to review performance and ensure that everyone is meeting the performance criteria
  • Manage and ensure effectiveness of support services through improvements of each function as well as coordination and communication between departments.
  • Maintain and audit the HR information such as interview records, disciplinary cases, etc

Qualifications and requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree with 3 year experience in a HR or People Operations related role
  • Ability to speak fluent English and Kinyarwanda
  • Excellent communication and people Skills
  • Skilled with problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Be detail-oriented with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Able to follow-up / follow through without having to be reminded.
  • Have a positive and personable demeanour while multi-tasking and working with time sensitive processes.

Apply via deadline to apply is Sunday 26th March 11:59pm 2023

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