Instructional Technology Assistant 

University of Global Health Equity (UGHE)
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Job Title: Instructional Technology Assistant  
Reports To: Head, Department of E-learning 
Location: Butaro, Burera District, Rwanda (full time) 

 General Responsibilities 

The Instructional Technology assistant will assist with the development of UGHE’s e-learning efforts. The Instructional Technology assistant will work with the department and faculty at UGHE to create high quality e-learning content. This content will focus on video, audio and animation that will be created in  UGHE’s new e-Learning Studio.  

The e-learning program is established at UGHE’s Butaro campus and requires a full-time assistant working with a small, dedicated team of educators, physicians and public health practitioners. The e-learning program works with both the medical school at UGHE and the Masters program. The Instructional Technology Assistant will be based on the UGHE campus in Butaro. 

 Specific Responsibilities 

Instructional Technology assistant will: 

  • Work with different departments at UGHE to create high quality digital content including instructional video, podcasts and animation. Familiarity with greenscreens, recording live events and audio required. 
  • Work with the UGHE departments editing courses within UGHE’s learning management system, Canvas; 
  • Develop course activities based on course objectives and instructor vision and apply best practices in teaching and learning; 
  • Liaise with course development team members to identify appropriate course resources and carry out course development tasks; 
  • Assist in the Planning, coordinating and conducting of Quality Assurance reviews of online courses and follow up with appropriate team member to ensure changes are made; 
  • Assist the e-learning team to identify, plan and implement e-Learning Department improvements; 
  • Develop and maintain a body of knowledge on emerging trends and educational standards in areas such as active learning, technology-enhanced learning, reflective practice and workplace learning; 


  • Bachelor’s degree required (i.e., Information technology, multimedia development, curriculum development, teaching and learning, higher education); 
  • Experience with curriculum development; 
  • Experience editing documents; 
  • Experience with multimedia development (Video, audio, interactive software); 
  • Some project management experience required; 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English; 
  • English proficiency required; 
  • French and/or Kinyarwanda proficiency preferred. 

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