Lenders Technical Advisors (LTA)

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We are the first private company to establish a peat power plant in Africa and to produce peat at that scale. The company is owned by a Turkish investor, HAKAN AS, and  an international power company, Quantum Power, with a participation of a project development company Themis. As importantly the company can count on the support of the lead arranging bank, Africa Finance Corporation.




Scope of work for Lenders Technical Advisors

The scope of services for the lenders legal advisors shall be as set out below.

Project Contracts Review

Review the (draft) Project Agreements (including but not limited to PPA, EPC contracts, O&M contracts, Finance agreements,) and opine on the:

Construction and Completion Testing Review

Review the engineering and construction approach and assess the construction timetable and ability of the contractors to deliver/commission on schedule.

Electrical Interconnection Review

Assess the adequacy, reliability, redundancy and availability of proposed connection arrangements to the grid, including the technical interconnection factors in view of contractual arrangements under the interconnection agreement, especially for application to the selected technology and its characteristics;

Licenses and Permits

Together with independent legal counsel, confirm that all necessary licenses and permits have been granted to construct and operate the facilities as specified.

Cost and Schedule

Review all costs/expenses associated with the Project up to project completion including preliminary operating and start-up expenses.

Financial Model Assumptions Review

Review all the engineering and operational assumptions used in the financial model including project costs, verification of performance  assumption (including,  but  not limited to efficiencies, yield  assumptions, reliability and availability), O&M cost, and potentially required (Maintenance) Reserve Accounts to ensure that these  are reasonable and consistent with the design of the Project, expected operations, and Project agreements.

Technical Construction and Commissioning

The objective of the technical construction and comm1ss1oning monitoring is to provide an assessment of the matters listed below and all other technical aspects of the Project as required identifying any issue that might endanger the Project's economic viability, i.e. to confirm the adequateness of the construction and later commissioning of the Project to satisfactorily produce the stated capacity for the payment of debt service.


Construction monitoring

Review the construction progress, assess progress in engineering, procurement, construction activities, review progress reports prepared by the Sponsor/Contractor'. Evaluate the quality of the completed work and review quality control reports.

Acce ptance, testing review. Witnessing and reporting:

Participate, as reasonably required, in such performance tests that relate directly to plant performance and reliability, including;

(i) the site performance tests of the major equipment components; and (ii) testing of the complete plant upon completion.

Consultant Certificates and Construction Completion:

Verify that Mechanical Completion, Provisional Acceptance and the Final Acceptance have been satisfactorily completed in accordance of the EPC I Construction Contract:

Operational Areas

Operations Monitoring:

The review will include the operational performance of the plant against the budgeted performance, including production, availability, efficiency, details of major problems (if any), condition of the assets, review of scheduled an unscheduled maintenance activities, review of any modifications proposed of the plant and compliance with the relevant principal permits.

Qualifications and Experience

  • LTA must be an international consulting and engineering company/firm. They should have experience serving clients across power generation, transmission & distribution, forest industry, bio refining & chemicals, mining & metals, infrastructure and water & environment. They should be able to deliver smart solutions and work with the latest digital innovations.
  • LTA must be a company that has been previously appointed by Development Finance Banks like Africa Development Bank, Africa Export-Import Bank, Trade and Development Bank, Finn Fund, India Export-Import Bank to advise them on matters such as environmental issues that relate to Peat technology
  • LTA must have a team of experts that have over 30 years’ experience in advising on Peat technology
  • LTA must be certified in Environment and Social impact advisory of energy Projects.


Candidates matching the requirements are invited to apply using the “Apply for this job” button below before the 1st August 2018 at 5 PM Kigali time.