Loan Officer

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Inkunga Finance Plc is a financial institution that offers savings and credit services to agriculture entrepreneurs, traders, industrial businesses, young entrepreneurs and regular people who just want to save for some personal projects. Inkunga Finance Plc proposes various saving products and credit products to suit your projects.





INKUNGA FINANCE Plc is dedicated to promote financial services for quality to small and medium entrepreneurs in order to contribute to their social-economic development and to continue considered as operating the self-sufficient institution. INKUNGA FINANCE Plc conducts its activities of saving and credits in Western province.

To achieve this mission and target, INKUNGA FINANCE Plc is looking for a qualified candidate to fill in the position below on a permanent contract:



Number of staffs

Summary of tasks and responsibilities

Essential requirements

Qualification and Experience

Loan Officer


  1. To respect credit manual,
  2. Receive, analyze and process a loan request,
  3. Follow up loan repayment back procedures,
  4. Monthly reporting



  1. To be a Rwandan
  2. Adhere to integrity & confidentiality 
  3. Through knowledge skills in computer and relevant accounting software in place
  4. Have from 21 to 35 years’ old
  5. Copy of driving license category A.
  6. Proficiency in Kinyarwanda, English or French
  7. Willingness to work overtime if possible
  8. Willingness to work in each place as needed by the institution
  9. Quality behavior in works conducted before,
  10. To be ready to start a job immediately


  1. A0 in accounting, Finance, Economics, Rural development or relevant field 
  2. A1 in accounting, Finance, Economics, Rural development or relevant field with at least 2 years working experience in loan portfolio management.


The application should include:

  • Application letter addressed to Managing Director of INKUNGA FINANCE Plc;
  • A detailed curriculum vitae containing full personal details (birth date, gender, Nationality, marital status, home address, qualifications and knowledge for the position; etc.
  • Good performance certificate from the last employer to prove experience;
  • Copy of academic degree;
  • Copy of national identity card;
  • Copy of driving license category A for loan officer position;

Interested candidates will submit their applications at not later than 20/05/2019 at 16H00.

NoteOnly shortlisted candidates will be contacted!

Done at Karongi, on 13th May  2019.



Managing Director