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Malaria SBCC Provincial Coordinator

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Terms of Reference (ToRs) for Malaria SBCC Provincial Coordinator for the Implementation of Malaria SBCC Strategic Interventions by Caritas Rwanda

O.    Caritas Rwanda background 

Caritas Rwanda is non-profit organization officially registered, with the mission to assist people in needs and foster for the whole human being. Caritas Rwanda has more than 60years of working experience in building poor families’ resiliency through development, social welfare, and health interventions.

Caritas Rwanda was recently awarded a Global Fund grant to implement community engagement and sensitization activities through various social behaviour change communication approaches targeting the catchment population in the Western Province towards prevention and control of Malaria. Malaria remains a public health priority in Rwanda with the whole population at risk of malaria infection. Our Country continues to make progress in malaria prevention and control through multifaceted evidence based approaches namely: information, education, and communication; distribution of long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs); Indoor residual spraying (IRS) and; early diagnosis and effective management of malaria cases as guided by the National Malaria Strategy.

Caritas Rwanda is an equal opportunity organization, looking for competencies without any discrimination. Caritas Rwanda, through the above mentioned SBCC grant is looking for a potential qualified, dedicated, and experienced candidate to fill up the position of “Malaria SBCC Provincial Coordinator” to support the implementation of the project activities in the Western (Provincial level).

Job Vacancy summary:

Job Title: MALARIA SBCC Provincial Coordinator

# of position: (1)

Program: Global Fund / SBCC Malaria

Reports to: Caritas Rwanda Health Director

Job Location: Caritas Diocesan Kibuye (Karongi)

Geographic area of the Project: West Province

Duration of Contract: November 2020 - June 2021

Type: Full Time


Under the overall supervision of Caritas Rwanda Project Manager, the Provincial Coordinator will be responsible of the following:

  1. Follow-up closely on the Implementation of the Annual WP with regard to Malaria SBCC interventions
  2. Coordinate the process and provide needed expertise and technical support for the elaboration of budget plan, operational plan, and Results Framework related Malaria SBCC interventions
  3. Ensure the Coordination of Malaria SBCC Activities (Prevention, Vector Control, and Case Management SBCC related activities) implementation at Provincial, District, and Community Level.
  4. Collaborate with Caritas Rwanda Leadership and RBC/Malaria Program to ensure Local Leaders, Health Facilities, and Communities are fully engaged in Malaria Control
  5. Organize meetings with Local Leaders, Health Facilities Leaders, CHWs, and other relevant stakeholders to improve awareness and implementation of Malaria SBCC Strategies at all levels
  6. Coordinate and Supervise Malaria District Coordinators in the catchment areas
  7. Represent the Caritas Rwanda on daily basis in the province and districts of deployment;
  8. Coordinate Monitoring and Evaluation of Malaria SBCC implementation activities in collaboration with the M&E Officer;
  9. Collaborate with the Caritas Rwanda Malaria SBCC officer, M&E, and Program Manager to design and implement innovative malaria control interventions at all levels;
  10. Compile and analyze monthly, quarterly, and annual reports from District/zone Coordinators to prepare Program Review Meetings;
  11. Prepare and submit on quarterly/annual basis the Malaria SBCC technical report to Caritas Rwanda Program Manager
  12. Ensure close follow up of implementation of recommendations.
  13. Participate to monthly and quarterly evaluation of Health Facilities and Community Health Workers.
  14. Review Zone coordinators’ reports and elaborate feedback and ensure that formulated recommendations are implemented;
  15. Prepare and submit timely and quality activity reports, including field notes and success stories, to effectively capture lessons learnt on the ground from the project
  16. Document best practices or most significant success stories of the project activities
  17. Carry out other tasks to support the project efforts as assigned
  18. Provide administrative support as needed


Candidates for this position must demonstrate capacity to deliver results, and a strong commitment to professional ethics and integrity. In addition he/she must meet the following requirements:

  • Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in relevant fields (Public Health, Health Education, Health Care, and Hospital Management.
  • Working experience of at least 4 years in Rwanda Health System including working with Health Facilities and Community Health Workers.
  • Working experience with GF funded projects is a prerequisite.
  • Having worked in Malaria intervention is a plus.
  • Demonstrated abilities or experience in working with Local Leaders at Community level would be an added value.
  • Managerial and leadership skills;
  • Strategic thinking with problem solving skills
  • Team working and organization skills in public health related domains
  • Good planning, organizing, and public health communication skills
  • Experience in providing administrative leadership and support to work teams
  • Excellent analytical and advocacy skills is desirable
  • Fluency and writing skills in English or French and Kinyarwanda are required.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, or similar software

Female candidates are encouraged to apply!


Qualified and interested Candidates should submit their application documents written in English including CV/Resume and Motivation letter addressed to Caritas Rwanda Secretary General exclusively to by November 30th 2020 and not later than 5:00pm Kigali time.

PS: - Due to Covid-19 restrictions, hard copy submissions will not be accepted.

  • Only selected Candidates will be contacted for tests.

Done at Kigali, November, 17th 2020


Father TWAGIRAYEZU Jean Marie Vianney

Secretary General