Management Controller of the supply chain

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Job Description – Management Controller of the supply chain

  1. Reports to:                                   Supply Chain Manager
  2. Location:                                      Kigali, Rwanda HQ

Purpose: The management controller develops ways to analyze and track the results of the worldwide supply chain in order to support the decision-making and the budget preparation.

3.    Job Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for making sure that the management accounting rules of the business are consistent through the different areas and allow to perform analyzes and compare results.
  • Create reporting, accounts analyze and make recommendations to improve performance about the supply chain activity.
    • Perform an analytical accounting on the supply chain costs. From Chinese suppliers to Descos supply point (Distribution Center) and any transfers from Descos to Descos.
    • Create a tool based on analytical accounting to track the final costs in Descos (storages in the country, deliveries to the individual customer)
    • Challenge and compare the different patterns developed in each country.
    • Create a reporting based on this analysis to make recommendations and support strategical decisions in logistics.
    • Track and warn on customs fees and warranty costs.
  • Analyze the variances between sales forecast and actual supply and needs to build robust system of prediction analysis.
  • Improve automatization of the tools with the IT team and data warehouse.
  • Communicate and explain results; Integrate relevant feedback.

4.    Description of tasks

  • Prepare the budget of the supply chain activity.
  • Prepare and improve the dashboards and balanced scorecard required to pilot the overall supply chain activity (Finances/procurement, supply, logistics, quality, storage, distribution, repair & reverse logistic)
  • Suggest all the necessary operational improvements and provide the tools to pilot the results of those projects (involving IT team and data warehouse)
  • Take part of the implementation of new tools in his area of expertise.

5.    Person Specification 

  • A degree in finance, business school or similar training
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in management control, audit, finance or other relevant fields
  • Excellent analytical skills and proficient utilization of Microsoft Office, database and ERP
  • Autonomous, mature, self-initiative, assertiveness, positive attitude
  • Able to work under pressure and tight deadlines; rigorous.
  • Detail focused but capable to spotlight tendencies.
  • Team player and fast worker

How to apply:

Send your CV & Degree or Diploma to

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Only Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview

6.    Agreement

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