Medical Doctor

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Job purpose:

The Medical Doctor shall coordinate all strategic/administrative work and activities of the H&W center, focusing on disease control/ prevention, health promotion, reduction of risk factors of diseases and provide appropriate healthcare protection, intervention and treatment. S/he ensures provision of an optimum mental and emotional health care of children who live in Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village (ASYV). In addition, the Medical Doctor empowers kids and staff with life skills. In collaboration with the Partnership Director, the Medical Doctor will represent the center with government and community partners in Health.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Health assessment (50% weight)

  • Assess kids health conditions: evaluate ASYV kids who have illnesses or injuries; order diagnostic tests and interpret its results; discuss test finding with the kid and share recommendation with concerned stakeholders
  • Prescribe medication or treatment plans to address the kid’s conditions. Determine the course of treatment, arrange for as many follow up visits as necessary to restore the patient to full health
  • Responsible for referrals of patients
  • Conduct routine physical exams that would include vitals, reviewing kid’s health history, discuss health concerns of the patient and instruct a proper diet and exercise habits.
  • Participate in management of psychological or psychiatric cases
  • Review and provide appropriate intervention and medical treatment strategies including: referrals, clinical case management, individual/group therapy and advocacy.
  • Organize and oversee assessment and screening activities: i.e initial/annual and medical assessment. Conduct health awareness seminars and workshop in relation to the Village needs.
  • Promote health education in conjunction with other health professionals

 Research and evidence based interventions:

  • Conduct and direct research initiatives on prevalence and risk factors of communicable and Non Communicable Diseases as well as Malaria and HIV/AIDS.
  • Identify groups at risk for specific preventable diseases or injuries
  • Use findings to develop and implement evidence based interventions( Campaigns, health hack-thons and screenings) to curb diseases occurrence, behavioral causes of diseases and psychological disorders in the Village and its surrounding
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of prescribed risk reduction measures or other interventions.
  • Prepare preventive and impact health reports including problem descriptions, analyses, alternative solutions, results and recommendations o Improve healthcare services delivery and evidence-based treatment.

2. Clinic management (25% weight)

  • Develop, review and implement the H&W policies and procedures
  • Establish and oversee implementation of protocols of emergency management and outbreaks.
  • Ensure clinical services are in conformity with ministry of health standards and other regulations.
  • Conduct clinical quality service assessment
  • Establish a list of essential medication for ASYV clinical and ensure there is no shortage.
  • Oversee proper management of medical consumables and supplies.
  • Conduct health and environmental inspection
  • Create an atmosphere where the Health & Wellness Center is a location of choice for physical and emotional healing.
  • Ensure confidentiality and impartiality are always maintained
  • Organize nights and week-end shifts
  • Issue H&W reports

3. People management (10% weight)

  • Provide capacity building for the staff
  • Guide, supervise and evaluate the work performance of the H&W staff.
  • Ensure engagement of H&W staff
  • Meet targets set by ASYV in line with the Strategic plan

4. Clinic budget management (5% weight)

  • Draft a H&W annual budget
  • Align all H&W activities to the approved budget.

5. Other (10% weight)

  • Oversee CTAOP projects implementation and budget management
  • Keep up to date with medical developments, treatment and medication
  • Assist in improving the youth’s overall behaviour and performance in school, home and community.
  • Identify and maintain relevant and strategic partnership with outside resources