Need for consultancy on Teachers’ training on English Skills improvement

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Need for consultancy on Teachers’ training on English Skills improvement


 Good Neighbors international is an international humanitarian and development organization in General consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOCO), GNI implements Community Development Program on Child Health, Education, Water sanitation, income generating activities and provide emergency aid activities through local partnership since 1994.

Teacher’s English skills training project will focus on improving teachers' English skills with the ultimate aim to boost students' performance in national exams and therefore, it falls under the strategy objective of Academic hope. The project is expected to be conducted mainly in the form of English proficiency training program targeting 138 teachers from 6 schools in Kamonyi District to improve learning conditions and learning outcomes of the students served in their respective schools.


1.    Objectives of the Consultancy:

The objective of the consultancy is to develop a language training program and facilitate training sessions on Teachers’ training on English skills improvement, the consultant firm is also expected to set forth a framework to establish or to reinforce the functioning of school-based English mentorship and teachers’ peer to peer learning through teachers’ groups.

  1. The Objective of the Training

The objective of the training is to improve teachers’ English skills for 138 teachers from 6 schools in Kamonyi District.

  1. Specific Tasks & Timeline:

3.1.     Specific Tasks

  1. a.    Work with Good Neighbors Rwanda team to discuss on expected deliverables and clarifications on the training content, training program, and facilitation methodology b
    .    Development of the training content and program as well as tools for the evaluation of the training.  

The training manual shall include but not limited to: 
    Language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
    Lesson planning/preparation
    Teaching techniques (role play, brainstorm, group formation, games, drama, demonstration)
    Materials development, improvisation and resource utilization (audio/visual, textbooks)
    Classroom management (teacher on stage, teacher attitude, physical aspects of classroom)
    Assessment techniques (observation, dialogue, homework, test, etc...)
c.    Facilitate Teachers’ training on English skills improvement  
d.    To set forth a framework to establish or reinforce teachers’ school based mentorship and peer to peer learning through teachers’ groups.
e.    Do regular training reports at the end of the training.
3.2.    Time Frame
The Teachers’ training on English skills improvement will cover a period of 11 months (starting from end November 2018) and shall be conducted in two distinct periods (in-school period and school holiday) for In-school period (when teachers are in service), training will cover 2 sessions per month. On the other hand during school holiday, training will cover between 4 and 8 sessions per month; the total number of sessions is 40 (for both in- school and holiday periods). Note that one session is equal to 1 day of at least 6 working hours.

4.    Expected Deliverables/Outputs:

a.    Training content/curriculum for Teachers’ English skills training
b.    Training program methodology 
c.    Tools for training evaluation
d.    Facilitation of the training on Teachers’ English skills improvement
e.    A plan and methodology for teachers’ school based mentorship and peer to peer learning through teachers’ groups.
f.    Monthly, quarterly and final training reports.

5.    Responsibilities of Good Neighbors Rwanda:

a.    Good Neighbors Rwanda will select a consultant firm  to work  closely with our team  in above-mentioned tasks;
b.    Good Neighbors Rwanda will prepare a contract and agree on its terms with the consultant firm before the commencement of work;
c.    The tasks will be done in close consultation with Good Neighbors Rwanda. Therefore, Good Neighbors, Rwanda will provide all the necessary information & timely feedback on prepared deliverables;
d.    Good Neighbors Rwanda will ensure timely payment to the consultant firm in accordance with the contract.

6.    Minimum Qualifications and Requirements:
Interested applicants should submit a proposal/expression of interest, which should include the following:-
a.    A suitability statement, including a commitment to availability for the entire assignment.
b.    The proposal should be accompanied by relevant documents to justify the consultant firm experience and qualifications in relevant domains and recent experience on similar undertakings.
c.    A financial proposal. The proposal should list itemized details of costs associated with the assignment, it should express all proposed costs in Rwandan Francs (RWF).

7.    Application
Interested applicants are requested to submit their Proposals based on the Terms of Reference outlined above to contact below no later than close of business on October 24th, 2018.  Good Neighbors International, Head Office (Kigali); located at Kimihurura, opposite to Lemigo Hotel (FAIRVIEW building_3rd floor) Good Neighbors International will only be able to respond to those applications in which there is further interest.  

Done at Kigali on 10th of October 2018
Country Director
Good Neighbors Rwanda