Part Time Script Editor” to Edit the Script of Ururnana Radio Soap Opera Episodes

Urunana Development Communication (Urunana DC)

Urunana Development Communication is a fully registered Non Government Organization (NGO) specialized in development communication strategies focusing mainly at improving health and social welfare of the Rwandan population using the behaviour and social change communication approach.

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FinancingUrunana DC; CategoryPart-time Consultancy ServiceReference No.: 21/Script Editor/02/UDCPP/2022


Urunana Development Communication (Urunana DC) is a National Non-Government Organization specialised in social behaviour change communication (SBCC). The organization was founded in 2004 by Rwandans with the support of a UK based organization, Health Unlimited, currently trading as “Health Poverty Action (HPA)”. Urunana DC secured its legal entity under ministerial order N° 138/11 of 27th December 2006 which was published in the National Gazette in 2007. Currently, the organization implements a national SBCC program that uses various communication approaches, notably; Entertainment – Education (commonly known as Edutainment), community engagement through interpersonal communication, and other community outreach activities.

To-date, over 2370 Urunana Radio Soap Opera episodes have been broadcast since 1999. Recent program assessment reports indicate that over 70% of the population in Rwanda listen to Urunana Radio Soap Opera. It is also estimated that about 3.5 million people in the great lakes region listen to Urunana Radio Soap Opera episodes, weekly. Editing of Urunana Radio Soap Opera episode script is one of the key steps in the production cycle of the serial drama. Script editing is aimed at ensuring that the content, language and form align with the program thematic areas of focus and responds to identified gaps in knowledge, attitude, behaviour and also aims at increasing uptake of desired practices among the target population. More often than not, script editing is done both internally and externally – meaning internal script editing by expert from the production team and also experts in specific thematic areas from outside the Urunana DC Production Team. External Script Editor is usually an expert in the public health domain with background in general medicine, nursing or clinical medicine and may also be specialized in areas such as Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and other fields relevant to thematic areas of focus in the program. 

It is in this regard that Urunana DC seeks to hire a Part time Script Editor to edit Urunana Radio Soap Opera episode script. The hired Script Editor will provide part-time consultancy service whereby he/she will be required to edit 8-10episode script within not more than 72hrs (3 days) every month.

Duration of the consultancy: One Year (12 months) which may be renewed

Number of Positions: 1

Reporting to: Managing Director

The Expression of Interest bid documents should be submitted to Urunana Development Communication via email: copy to: not later than 26th January 2022 at 2:00 Pm Kigali Time. Urunana Development Communication office is located at Kimironko opposite Engen petrol station at plot No. 628 along KG 17 AV. For any clarification about this offer, you can send an email to not later than 14th January 2022. For more information about this offer please read the attached Terms of Reference (TOR). NBApplications documents in hard copy shall NOT be accepted. 

Done at Kigali, the 11th January 2022



Urunana Development Communication


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