Peat Mining Consultants

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We are the first private company to establish a peat power plant in Africa and to produce peat at that scale. The company is owned by a Turkish investor, HAKAN AS, and  an international power company, Quantum Power, with a participation of a project development company Themis. As importantly the company can count on the support of the lead arranging bank, Africa Finance Corporation.




The peat mining consultants will be an experienced multi-skilled peat mining Engineers and be located at the Site for the majority of the construction period, spending time in Kigali only as required.  


1.    Responsible for risk management, document control, quality assurance, general engineering standards oversight and contract management regarding peat production 
2.    Perform the following contract management duties:
a)    Initial Contract Review - A detailed contract review, drawing on the experience of the peat production team, will be performed in the project start-up phase, identifying all critical commercial conditions
b)    Define clear processes for claims - Based on the initial contract review a clear process will be outlined for each possible claim category; the process will define the work flow and all required supporting information
c)    Data collection - Clear guidelines for the collection of claim relevant data will be implemented in order to ensure a maximum transparency in case a claim is issued
d)    Continuous monitoring - Based on the critical contract conditions, key focus areas will be identified and continuously monitored/audited in order to allow pro-active project and commercial management
3.    Responsible for peat production according to agree upon volumes, properties and quality.
4.    Responsible for delivering the correct amount of peat with agreed properties to the power plant at the right time.
5.    Responsible for the safe and proper storage of the peat.
6.    Responsible for establishing production-ready new peat Bogs including all associated structures
7.    Responsible for the maintenance of the peat production areas and associated structures and aspects.
8.    Responsible for machinery, production equipment and the proper handling and maintenance of these.
9.    Responsible for training peat production and related staff so that they are able to perform their tasks in a professional and sustainable manner.
10.    Responsible for that monitoring and reporting of data from peat production is performed in accordance with established procedures.
11.    Participate in the management team's work.

Experience and Qualifications:

The candidate will:

Have fulfilled the role of a Peat Project Engineer in large-scale peat financed project. A preference will be shown for those candidates who have worked in peat powered projects, managing multi-disciplinary teams.

Be skilled in integrating the diverse interests of the business; engineering, finance, regulatory, contracting, etc.

Be experienced in: 

  • On site supervision of EPC contractors.
  • Managing turnkey EPC contracts
  • Managing technical and commercial assets 
  • Implementing power purchase agreements and steam supply agreements
  • Demonstrating senior management and leadership skills with at least 10 years construction project experience
  • Some experience in the geothermal industry would be preferable


  • Holds at least a Bachelor in Engineering or equivalent is ideal.


Candidates matching the requirements are invited to apply using the “Apply for this job” button below before the 1st August 2018 at 5 PM Kigali time.