Pellet Mill Operator

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Zamura Feeds is Rwanda’s leading manufacturer of animal feeds. As a full service livestock feed production company, our objective is to provide farmers access to high quality, affordable feeds in order to increase their egg, dairy, and meat production yields. This is not only important for helping farmers grow their business but to provide adequate nutrition to the population served. Currently, our state of the art mill produces seven types of animal feed for chickens, pigs, and dairy c


Overall job description

Reporting to production supervisor, pellet press operator will be responsible for the production of pelleted feeds and overseeing the production of mash feed during processing.

Key duties and responsibility

  1. Running the pellet mill and ensuring optimum production (at least 90% throughput).
  2. Coordinating the entire production team to ensure continuous operation with minimum stoppages during production.
  3. Ensure quality adherence during production as set out by the quality assurance manager. I.e. setting up the right screen gauges during grinding, checking the PDI for pellets and PSD for crumbles
  4. Initiate and support continuous improvement effort at the entire plant.
  5. Timely and accurate maintain and update production report and used inventory/ ingredients.
  6. Attending to plant maintenance and Autonomous Maintenance of the machines.
  7. Promoting Safety Health and Environment (SHE) related activity.
  8. Conducting CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) to machines to ensure minimum breakdown.

Requirements/ Qualification

  1. Diploma in any technical field or feed processing/ agriculture with technical skills.
  2. Computer literate (basic MS office and excel).
  3. Candidate should possess good planning skills.
  4. Good communication skills (timely, clear and accurate report/feedback)

Application Instructions

Interested and qualified applicants should submit their CV and cover letter on or before 27th February 2020 to and indicate on the subject line

Only shortlisted qualified applicants will be contacted for the selection interview and test.