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Prequalification Notice for the Supply of Medications, Cosmetics and Associated supplies for The King Faisal Hospital Rwanda, Outpatient Pharmacy (Retail Pharmacy)

King Faisal Hospital Rwanda (KFHR)

King Faisal Hospital, Kigali is a multi-specialty quaternary Hospital with a mandate to provide a range of specialized health care in East and Central Africa. 

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Kigali, on 14th May 2024

Subject: Prequalification Notice for the Supply of Medications, Cosmetics and Associated supplies for The King Faisal Hospital Rwanda, Outpatient Pharmacy (Retail Pharmacy).

Dear Valuable Supplier,

King Faisal Hospital Rwanda is in the process of prequalifying suppliers for the provision of medications, cosmetics and related supplies for our Outpatient Department Pharmacy (OPD). We invite interested and eligible suppliers to participate in this prequalification process.

King Faisal Hospital Rwanda is committed to providing high-quality healthcare services to our patients, and ensuring a consistent supply of medications is integral to achieving this goal. As such, we seek suppliers who can reliably provide a range of medications and other supplies meeting our quality standards.

The prequalification process will involve a thorough evaluation of suppliers based on various criteria, including but not limited to:

  1. Adherence to regulatory requirements and standards governing pharmaceutical products.
  1. Proven track record in supplying medications to both healthcare institutions and retail pharmacies.
  1. Demonstrated capability to maintain consistent and punctual delivery schedules, ensuring uninterrupted availability of medications.
  1. Implementation of robust quality assurance protocols and attainment of relevant certifications.
  1. Offering competitive pricing structures and favorable terms to support cost-effective procurement practices.

Interested suppliers are requested to submit the following documents for prequalification:

  1. Company Background and Experience:
    • Comprehensive company profile demonstrating previous experience in supplying medications to healthcare institutions nationwide, supported by certificates of successful completion.
  2. Regulatory Compliance:
    • Valid Registration Certificate from the Rwanda Food and Drug Authority (RFDA) for pharmaceutical wholesaling, along with evidence of recent importation activities within the past two years.
  3. Partnership and Representation:
    • Documentation proving partnerships or local representations with multinational manufacturers, including brand representation and relevant quality certifications.
  4. Product Portfolio:

Detailed list of available medications for supply, complete with comprehensive product specifications to ensure suitability for Outpatient Pharmacy (Retail Pharmacy) requirements.

  1. Client References:
    • References from previous clients, preferably healthcare institutions, to validate the supplier's track record and service quality.
  2. Financial Stability:
    • Proof of financial capacity, including either a confirmed credit line of 500 million Rwandan Francs from a recognized local financial institution and/or a certified average financial turnover report for the past 2 years(Ended 2022,2023, approved by an independent Auditor)
  3. Timely Delivery Capacity:
    • Supplier's ability to ensure timely delivery, emphasizing flexibility and responsiveness with a commitment to deliver orders within 24 hours.
  4. Innovation and Technological Capabilities:
    • Presence or plans to implement electronic systems providing accurate and real-time information on product availability and pricing to facilitate efficient procurement processes.
  5. Quality Control Processes:
    • Details on the supplier's quality control processes and mechanisms to ensure the integrity and safety of supplied medications.
  6. Customer Service and Support:
    • Approach to customer service and support, including responsiveness to inquiries, handling of complaints, and provision of after-sales assistance.
  7. Ethical Conduct:
    • Adherence to ethical business practices, including transparency, integrity, and compliance with anti-corruption policies.

Please submit your prequalification documents in a sealed envelope labeled " Prequalification for Supply of Medications, Cosmetics and Associated supplies for The KFHR, OPD Pharmacy" to the following address:

Procurement Department

King Faisal Hospital Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda

The deadline for submission of hard 3 copies is 29th May 2024.

Upon successful prequalification, eligible suppliers will be invited to participate in the next stage of the procurement process, which may include a formal bidding process or negotiation of terms.

For inquiries or clarifications regarding this prequalification notice, please contact the Procurement Department at with copy to 

We look forward to receiving your prequalification submission and potentially partnering with you to ensure the availability of high-quality medications for our Outpatient Department.



DCEO, King Faisal Hospital Rwanda

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