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Production and Quality Assurance Manager

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Founded in 2012, Jibu is pioneering a powerful new model that provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to own businesses that ensure access to basic human necessities in underserved, emerging market communities.

About Jibu:

Founded in 2012, Jibu is pioneering a powerful new model that provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to own businesses that ensure access to basic human necessities in underserved, emerging market communities. Jibu has scaled a network of locally owned, economically independent franchises that provide safe drinking water to their communities while offering life-changing training and employment.

Empowered by a belief in the ability of eye-to-eye partnership to unleash latent entrepreneurial talent, Jibu is transforming the challenge of addressing basic human needs into an expansive opportunity that allows thousands of young entrepreneurs to build lasting solutions, one neighbourhood at a time. The company’s ultimate vision is to train, finance, and grow a network of co-invested business owners who will revolutionize the way critical resources participate in emerging markets. For additional information, please visit:

Job Title: Production and Quality Assurance Manager

Department: Production and Quality

Job Location: Kigali, Rwanda with frequent travels

Reports To: Country Director

Start Date: January, 2021

The Position:

The Job Purpose of the Production and Quality Assurance Manager is to ensure full compliance of all Franchises with Jibu’s standards and official regulatory requirements. This position is fully responsible for the water quality produced and sold at all Franchises in Rwanda.

About the Role and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee technical projects and general activities of the P&Q department
  • Organise machine and device installations as well as system retrofitting and modifications activities.
  • Implement an effective sampling and laboratory testing program for product and raw water at production sites in Rwanda and Goma, for quality assurance and in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Provide support to JibuCo laboratory on developing a Laboratory Management System towards achieving and maintaining EA Lab Designation status.
  •  Ensure the conduction of effective regular maintenance of the water treatment systems and that effective monitoring and documentation practices are in place
  • Conduct review and updates to the maintenance standards, schedules, and practices to meet changing system requirements for maintaining a safe good quality product
  • Monitor and track spare parts usage to minimize machine downtime and prevent any asset loses or mismanagement
  • Investigate technical failures and provide best practices guidelines to technicians and operators following effective communication
  • Carryout technical research and feasibility studies on a new product or system initiatives and provide recommendations
  •  Oversee general P&Q expenditure and budget planning to ensure resources are available while minimizing wastage
  •  Supervise team of technicians, conduct regular performance reviews and organize resources and training for their continued professional development
  •  Manage franchise-technician relationship to promote cooperation and ensure effective communication channels are in place for requesting technical support and reporting non-conformities
  •  Collect data and provide technical analysis on the performance of water treatment systems to support P&Q activities such as preventive maintenance scheduling and spare parts usage forecasting
  •  Conduct regular review and updates to quality control programs including a quality audit to ensure correct adherence to quality standards at production sites in Rwanda.
  •  Develop and review a quality breach policy to enforce quality standards at the production sites and develop systems for addressing non-conformities and conducting root cause analysis
  •  Provide regular reports on quality audit performance and ensure the closure of non-conformities found at production sites through the implementation of a well-communicated Quality Breach Policy
  • Supervise technicians in enforcing quality standards and collect data to provide analysis on quality status at the sites
  •  Organize and manage registration and certification efforts of production sites in Rwanda while regularly engaging with government regulatory agencies to ensure Jibu compliance while minimising costs
  •  Review and update operator training programs and develop training materials, guidelines, SOPs, best practices documents, refresher training for technicians and operators
  • Monitor effectiveness of training programs and modify according to ongoing development and changing regulatory requirements


  • At least 3 years of working experience
  •  Experience in water engineering, water production, quality management, or any other related field
  • Experience in quality assurance measures
  • Experience in dealing with regulatory bodies
  •  Experience in supervising and leading small teams

Minimum Education Requirements:

  •  Bachelor degree in Engineering or Quality Management and related field

Required Skills:

  • A leader who has demonstrated success managing a diverse group of people and challenges.
  • A self-starter able to think critically and problem solve on the fly.
  • Able to design and implement quality control processes.
  • An excellent communicator able to effectively inspire, grow and manage a team of local technicians and local production managers to properly maintain equipment. (written and spoken english)
  • A natural teacher with a passion for capacity building.
  •  Flexible and willing to travel.
  • Proactive and able to anticipate issues, while able to perform routine maintenance and emergency repair to water treatment equipment - including but not limited to; general plumbing, centrifugal pumps, peristaltic dosing pumps, ultrafiltration membranes, and process control equipment.
  • A strong contributor to the Jibu business unit leadership team in strategic planning, team development, management of regulatory requirements, etc.

 To Apply:

Email CV/Resume with email cover note to to apply. Learn more about Jibu at

Please label the PDF documents as: YOURNAME_CV and YOURNAME_coverletter. We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis, so please apply as soon as possible. Due to the volume of applications, we may not be able to respond to every individual application we receive. If you do not receive an invitation for an interview from us within 2 weeks of applying, please consider your application unsuccessful.

Deadline for application: November 30, 2020