Professional Trainers to Provide Professional Trainings On Behalf Of EPRN Rwanda from January-December 2019

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Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN ) is an equal opportunity economic policy research platform in Rwanda bringing together key economic management institutions, individuals and organisations active in economic policy research and analysis to create a pool community for economic policy researchers through organising trainings on quantitative research methods, research coaching and mentorship, work place placements, learning tours and joint research projects to support provide evidence for economic policy formulation and policy research development. EPRN therefore responds to economic policy gaps created mainly by lack of quality and informative research and the challenge of human capacity in terms of limited numbers of economic researchers and active involvement.

Membership is open to researchers, academicians, policy makers in the government institutions, private sector members and development partners.


  1. Introduction

The Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN Rwanda) is a membership-based research organization aiming at strengthening the capacities of individuals and organizations active in or with an interest in economic policy research and analysis. EPRN Rwanda, therefore, responds to economic policy gaps resulting mainly from lack of quality and informative research and the challenge of human capacity in terms of limited numbers of economic researchers and active involvement.

The mission of EPRN Rwanda is to contribute to the evidence-based economic policymaking by providing high-quality research, building capacity and creating networking opportunities.

In line with its objective to build professional capacities of local experts, EPRN Rwanda wishes to recruit highly experienced professional trainers to provide trainings as per the list below:

Course Code

Course Title

Training Dates


Project Management for donor-funded projects

  • 29-31 January 2019
  • 03-07 June 2019 (evening)


Advanced E-Views: Time Series and Forecasting models

  • 01-03 April 2019
  • 16-20 December 2019  (evening)


Strategic Human Resources Management

  • 03-05 May 2019



Proposal and grant writing skills (including concept note and report writing package) 

  • 04-08 March 2019 (evening)
  • 05-07 July 2019


Poverty analysis using Econometrics

  • 22-23 March 2019


Internal Auditing and Compliance Risk Management

  • 17-19 May 2019


Advanced STATA: Panel data analysis

  • 09-11 August 2019
  • 01-03 November 2019


STATA for beginners

  • 19-21 July 2019


E-Views for beginners

  • 20-22 December 2019


Green procurement, Supply chain
and Contracts management

  • 23-25 August 2019



Training  on Private  Public  Partnership (PPP)

  • 24-26 May 2019 (evening)


Economy of financial markets and institutions (Only for Master’s Degree holders)

  • 21-23 June 2019 (evening)


Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation  and reporting 
of projects

  • 08-10 February 2019
  •  20-22 September 2019


Understanding and application  of new statistical analysis tools (R and Python)

  • 06-08 September 2019



Private and public project investment appraisal (incl. Cost Benefit Analysis) 

  • 04-06 October 2019 (evening)


Monetary Economics (Only for Master’s Degree holders)

  • 18-20 October 2019


Advanced Research Methodology

  • 14-16 November 2019


Consultancy Management Skills

  • 18-22 February 2019 (evening)
  1. Scope of work

The trainer is expected to:

  • Prepare course materials and share them with EPRN management for validation before training
  • Provide training (with much focus on practices)
  • Provide end-of training evaluation test to advise on trainees to get certificates
  • Provide multiple-choice questions and answers to be used by EPRN during E-learning platform
  • Prepare a training report indicating lessons and recommendations to EPRN
  • All materials are handed over to EPRN after training as a protected property of EPRN.
  1. Required Qualification and Expertise

The consultant/trainer must have at least the following:

  • At least a Ph.D. in line with the course of interest with three years of preparing and delivering profession trainings; OR Masters’ Degree and more than 5 years’ experience in delivering professional trainings.
  1. Training Timetable

Trainings are held either from Friday to Sunday (weekends) or evenings (from Monday to Friday) as pee the table here above.

  1. Application Process

Interested candidates are requested to submit the Application Letter indicating the Course of interest,  CVs with proof of experiences; and Financial offer (by indicating daily rates including taxes) at EPRN office located at UR-CBE Gikondo (ex SFB) by not later than 21/01/2019, 5 pm local time. Applications may also be sent through EPRN P.O. Box: 7375 Kigali-Rwanda until 21/01/2019, 1 pm OR emailed to (please send all documents in PDF format and indicate “Application-EPRN Professional Trainer” in the email subject) by not later than 21/01/2019, 5 pm local time.

NB: The trainer may express interest in more than one course.


Kigali, 07/01/2019

Seth Kwizera

EPRN Coordinator