Professional Workshop: Building an Effective M&E System and Dashboards

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The idea to create the Horizon of Excellence (HOREX) LTD came into existence on 14th January 2011. The HOREX LTD was officially registered on 20th May 2011 and was given the mission of being a network for professional development through a formal forum and opportunity creation.



The Horizon of Excellence (HOREX) Ltd is a research, consulting and training company legally registered in 2011 under Rwandan Company Law No. 07/2009 of 27/04/2009. It is mostly involved in capacity development activities for individuals and interested organizations to access and make use of competitive advantages, and to do their professional jobs in effective and efficient ways.

Aiming at facilitating people to speak the statistical language especially in the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) area, Horizon of Excellence is increasing its popularity in delivering well organized and focused professional learning opportunities. During the year 2018, HOREX’s trainees graduated in different fields of study such as M&E, Data Analysis, Basic and Advanced Excel, QuickBooks, STATA, SPSS, and Statistical Methods for Program Monitoring and Evaluation.

It is in this framework, that HOREX LTD has organized a technical workshop under the theme “Building an Effective Monitoring and Evaluation System and Dashboards” from March 23 to 24, 2019.


The venue for the workshop is the Great Apartment Hotel, Remera, Kigali, Rwanda.


This workshop aims at equipping participants with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills for program Monitoring and Evaluation.  It includes theorical and practical parts. The theorical part outlines all the requirements for an effective M&E system while the practical one involves the processes and tools to use.     


The workshop targets the following categories of people:

  • M&E practitioners
  • Program managers and officers
  • Anyone interested to learn M&E and basic statistics applied to M&E

 The prospective trainee/student should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Having a bachelor’s or higher degree
  • Having basic skills in Excel
  • 100% access on a laptop with Microsoft Excel 2016 is highly encouraged
  • Having paid a workshop fee
  • Having access to the internet or Wi-Fi to download materials and access on systems and tools.


The workshop is organized under 5 parts such as M&E plan and framework, Using Excel Analysis Tool Pak for evidence-based decision making, Excel Data Summarization and Visualization, Dashboards with Power BI Desktop, and M&E Reporting.

DAY 1_MARCH 23, 2019

Part 1: M&E Plan and frameworks

  • Monitoring vs evaluation
  • Defining an M&E system
  • Understanding an M&E plan and components
  • Understanding the difference between:
    • Conceptual framework
    • Logical framework
    • Results framework
  • Understanding the difference between:
    • theory of change, and
    • logical framework
  • Using a web application to design and manage a logical framework

Part 2: Using Excel Analysis Tool Pak for evidence-based decision making

  • Descriptive statistics to understand monitoring or evaluation data/numbers
  • Evaluating the program performance and/or impacts using excel built-in statistical tests
  • Evaluating the determinants/factors of the performance of the intervention using Excel
  • Sampling using Excel

DAY 2_MARCH 24, 2019

Part 3: Excel Data Summarization and Visualization

  • Pivot tables, slicers, and Pivot charts
  • Using Excel to create dynamic geographical maps
  • Understanding and Creating Pareto Charts
  • Understanding and creating Sunburst charts
  • Using boxplots and/or histograms for comparative and evaluative purposes

Part 4: Dashboards with Power BI Desktop

  • Installing the Power BI and exploring its components and uses
  • Understanding Power BI Desktop environment
  • Creating simple dynamic dashboards

Part 5: M&E Reporting

  • A guide to writing stories using numbers: how to write good stories, examples of very well-written stories
  • A guide to presenting statistics in the report: using tables, charts, maps, statistics
  • A guide to writing a program implementation success story


Candidates who will successfully complete the course (i.e. with a score of 70% or above) will be awarded a certificate of completion. The candidates who will not get that score will be awarded a certificate of participation.


To apply, please provide an original deposit slip of fifty thousand (Frw 50,000) on one of the bank accounts below not later March 20, 2019, at 5:00 pm.

I&M Bank:

  • Account holder: Horizon of Excellence (HOREX) Ltd
  • Account number: 504225601-06

Bank of Kigali:

  • Account holder: Horizon of Excellence (HOREX) Ltd
  • Account number: 256-07737215-85

You will also  be required to  fill in google format


Lunch meals and 3 soft drinks with be provided to every day to the actual participants who will have signed the daily attendance lists.



Tel.: (250)786669501/0783545926

Umukindo Center Building, 3rd Floor at Gisozi/ Gakinjiro

P.O. Box:  377 Kigali