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Provide and Installation a Cold Room

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DUHARANIRA AMAJYAMBERE Y'ICYARO-Action pour le développement rural intégré

Announcement for public tender

Title: Provide and installation a Cold Room

DUHAMIC-ADRI, in partnership with European Union funding through Oxfam in Rwanda, is implementing a 4-year project, named “Sustainable livelihoods in horticulture value chains” The project aims to unlock the potential of Rwanda’s horticulture value chains, ensuring sustainable supply of safe and high-quality products to local, regional and international markets. DUHAMIC-ADRI is implementing the said project in Rulindo District with a focus on four horticulture value chains namely flowers, Chili, avocadoes, and egg plants.

In order to increase access to the quality production to respond to local, regional and international demand markets there is a need to support farmers and Flowers aggregators to have a safe place where they store the harvested flowers waiting for the market. For that DUHAMIC-ADRI is interesting qualified Company to Provide and installation a Cold room for flowers in Rulindo, Shyorongi Sector. The Terms of Reference providing technical specifications and items to cost are attached to this announcement.

Minimum requirement for interested Bidders: RDB certificate, Tax Clearance, using EBM, ready to be visited where the company has performed the similar work.

All interested companies are asked to present their offers composed by:

  • Letter addressed to Executive Secretary of DUHAMIC-ADRI;
  • Company Certificate;
  • Proof of using EBM;
  • Tax clearance;
  • Financial Costs using the format provided in TOR attached;
  • Delivery time

The proposals are well sealed in envelop into two within on original and a copy should be sent to DUHAMIC-ADRI Head Office located in Niboye Sector, Kicukiro District not later than Monday October 18, 2021 at 9:00 am local time. Late bids will be rejected. Public bids opening session will be held at DUHAMIC-ADRI’s Conference room at same day at 9:30 am.  

For more information about this tender, please call: 0788304813 or 078553900

Done at Kigali, on 12/10/2021

 BENINEZA Innocent

Executive Secretary