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Public Relation Agency

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1. General Context 

Rwanda ICT Chamber is an arm of the Private Sector Federation (PSF). Established in 2011, the Rwanda ICT Chamber is the leading partner for organizations to share experience, network, and meet key players in the Rwandan ICT sector. At ICT Chamber, we help our members to work with the right associations, companies, and individuals and ensure that they get the needed skills, opportunities, and tools to grow.

The ICT Chamber is therefore implementing a partnership program with the German IT association BITMi ( BITMi is representing ICT SMEs in Germany and is offering services to its members that could be of great benefit for Rwandan companies as well. In addition, the Rwandan market is opening interesting opportunities for German ICT companies.

The project is under the Partner Africa initiative, which is a program sponsored by BMZ; the German ministry of cooperation. The duration of the project is 3 years. 

Project goal: A strengthened Rwandan ICT sector that contributes to the intensification of cooperation relations between Rwandan and German ICT ecosystems.

The project constitutes:

  • Establishing well-thought strategic components aiming at building Rwandan ICT-related skills and capacities.
  • Generating business opportunities for both the Rwandan and German markets.
  • Contributing in ICT- related institutional development and creating long term partnership between Rwandan and German ICT ecosystems.

2. About the Tender 

The ICT Chamber wishes to hire a Public Relation Agency to provide support to the Project team. There will be communications support required at various stages and levels of project implementation to generate awareness for the Project, help mobilize ICT players and support planning and implementation. In addition, the Project would like to collect learnings and useful insights on a continuous basis, for dissemination to numerous stakeholders through knowledge sharing, newsletters, audiovisual and digital media. It is also important that Project progress is highlighted through mass-media throughout the country. The communications activities will be taken up in the form of a concerted and well-coordinated campaign which is expected to result in a high degree of public confidence, goodwill and engagement with the Project. 

The objectives of the communication support for the Project are therefore to: “(1) provide the Project with a strategic direction and corresponding action plan with regard to communications, (2) provide a high level of visibility to the Project through branding, developing materials for different campaigns among other objectives”.

3. Contract Information 

The purpose therefore of this tender is to conclude framework contracts for the provision of the services specified in the Terms of Reference. Under the overall supervision of the Rwanda ICT Chamber, direct supervision of the project consultants, the contracted PR agency will be responsible for a wide framework of Public relation activities.

Framework contracts shall be signed for an initial one year period and shall be renewable up to a maximum of three times under the same conditions. Prior to the signature of specific contracts, ICT Chamber shall determine the specifications of required services, which will be planned in advance to guarantee the highest quality of deliverables. It is expected that the service provider shall reply to the request for services with an offer which upon acceptance by the ICT Chamber shall be used as the basis for the preparation of the specific contract.

Specific contacts for services shall be duly signed by ICT Chamber and sent to the contractor for countersignature. Upon receipt of the specific contract, the contractor shall countersign the specific contract and send it back to ICT Chamber within a maximum of 10 working days from the date of issuance.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Collaborating with the management of the project to develop and implement an effective communication strategy based on our target audience.
  • Planning and implementing publicity strategies, campaigns, and social media calendars
  • Creating, editing,  and distributing content, including publications, press releases, website content, reports, speeches, and other marketing materials that communicate the project's vision
  • Developing project website and constantly updating the content on the developed website.
  • Using all forms of media and communication channels to organize PR activities and ensure effective communication with stakeholders, media, and the public.  
  •  Designing the project logo, editing public relations materials such as publicity brochures, handouts, promotional videos, photographs, business cards, and other project multimedia programs.
  • Handling, updating information and engaging with users on the project social media platforms.
  • Collaborate with internal teams and maintain open communication with senior management at every stage of PR related activities.
  • Preparing and submitting activity plan detailing how planned activities are not going to be hindered by the ongoing  pandemic
  • Collaborating with the Germany PR Agency contracted by our counterpart (Bitoni)
  • providing the project with .Rw domain name 

Reporting and Outputs the Public Relations Agency will deliver: 

  • Monthly technical report on the performed activities with detailed timesheets for worked hours.
  • Mission reports after executed field missions. Technical reports should be prepared in the English language. 
  • Strategic plan and report of activities related to PR


The Public Relations agency will be engaged for the period of one year with a possibility of extension after evaluation. 

Experience and Category of the Public Relations Agency.

  • The proposed Public Relations agency shall have the professional qualifications and experience required to successfully cover all the tasks as indicated in this ToR.
  • The company must have a team that has superior written and verbal communication skills
  • The company must prove that it has Knowledge of Rwanda ICT ecosystem and proof of work delivered in the ICT sector

Application Procedure

Applicants will submit the applications to with a copy to  not later than 9th March 2021. The application should include the following documents:

  • Technical proposal
  • Financial proposal
  • CVs of the team that will be in charge of delivering on this project
  • Proof of work delivered in the ICT sector