Purchasing Manager

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Zamura Feeds is Rwanda’s leading manufacturer of animal feeds. As a full service livestock feed production company, our objective is to provide farmers access to high quality, affordable feeds in order to increase their egg, dairy, and meat production yields. This is not only important for helping farmers grow their business but to provide adequate nutrition to the population served. Currently, our state of the art mill produces seven types of animal feed for chickens, pigs, and dairy c

Zamura LTD Purchasing Manager

Overall job description

The purchasing manager is responsible for maintaining necessary stock levels for all supplies, raw materials, and consumables; ensuring delivery on time at affordable costs and specified quality. The purchasing manager will manage the procurement system from supplier relationship to delivery and payment of goods.

Key duties and responsibility

  1. Develop and maintain supplier network throughout the region, continent, and larger international markets.
  2. Negotiate purchasing terms and manage contracts/agreements to ensure price, quality, and timeline compliance.
  3. Work with feedmill, lab, and live production teams to schedule purchases and continuously improve purchasing systems.
  4. Coordinate and track inventory controls to trend usage and project upcoming purchasing needs.
  5. Trend prices and volumes in local, regional, and international markets to improve upcoming purchases and advise Zamura teams.
  6. Travel throughout region to inspect and buy goods directly on market or from farmers.
  7. Work with accounting and legal teams to ensure purchasing terms (payments and deliveries) are fulfilled by both parties.
  8. Develop and maintain supplier/transporter database, purchasing records, form letters and contracts, exemption notes, quality certifications, and related documentation for Zamura’s purchasing systems and processes.
  9. Develop and maintain working relationships with stakeholders in regulatory and clearing agencies.
  10. Remain literate in laws and policies impacting Zamura procurement, engaged in policy making on Zamura’s behalf, and proactive in creating systems and processes to ensure Zamura is always compliant with regulatory bodies.

Requirements/ Qualification

  1. Diploma in any agriculture business, logistics, or purchasing field OR 5+ years’ experience in procurement.
  2. Computer literate (MS Office and Excel, email).
  3. Candidate must be willing to travel.
  4. Multiple languages preferred: English, Kinyarwanda, Swahili, French
  5. Good communication skills (timely, clear, persuasive, collaborative)
  6. Proactive and urgent work ethic.