QuickBooks Desktop Software workshop training.

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We are a leading Training Center of Accounting & Statistical Softwares in Rwanda registered under company law of Rwanda. We are specialized in providing best-in-class technical and corporate training and certifications on all popular ERP and statistical Packages Accounting and technologies available globally. We offer several innovative learning methods and delivery models to cater the unique requirements of a global customer base.

We have a team of Certified Trainers with minimum 10+ years of Industry background. Our courses are for individuals as well as for corporate. We also undertake customization of the courses as per client requirement.

Title: QuickBooks Desktop Software workshop training.


  • Workshop Training Fees: 118,000 RWF per Person;
  • Having own laptop computer (window 7 or more) to get free QuickBooks training trial.

 Workshop venue

To be sent on invitation letter after Registration

Contact: +250 788 30 39 75

Workshop objectives

This course is designed to continue learning the computerized accounting cycle and some of the more important aspects of Payroll and Taxes.

Upon completion of this hands-on course, trainee will be able to:

  • Run all accounting transactions by use of QuickBooks;
  • Perform possible accounting adjustments
  • Report with QuickBooks;
  • Complete a wide range of specialized and advanced QuickBooks functions in order to meet the bookkeeping needs of a typical small business or organization.

 Target audience

Accountants from Private and public sector and NGOs, bookkeepers, Accountants Graduates, Auditors, Tax advisors and consultants and all others who want to master the skills of QuickBooks.


Lesson 1:Setting Up a Company

In this Lesson trainee will learn how to:

  • Creating a QuickBooks Company 
  • Using the Chart of Accounts 
  • Entering Account Opening Balances 
  • Creating Company Lists
  • Working with the Customers & Jobs List 
  • Working with the Suppliers List
  • Managing Lists 
  • Entering Products into Inventory
  • Manually Adjusting Inventory

Lesson 2: Work with Customers Module

In this Lesson, trainee will learn how to:

  • Create a quotation for client
  • To edit a quotation
  • To Process customer invoice
  • To edit or revise customer invoice
  • To Print or e-mailing customer invoice
  • To check Customers ageing report
  • To record payment from customers
  • To run customer Billing Statementsstatement
  • To make deposit of customer payment
  • To make receipt for a Customer

Lesson 3: Work with Suppliers Module

 In this Lesson, trainee will learn how to: 

  • Create a Purchase order for a supplier
  • To edit a Purchase order
  • To record supplier invoice
  • To edit or revise Supplier invoice
  • To check Suppliers ageing report
  • To pay bill or invoice from a supplier
  • To run supplier transactions statement
  • To check stock activities report
  • To run physical stock worksheet

Lesson 4: Work with VAT Module

 In this Lesson, trainee will learn how to:

  • To set VAT rate (18%) in QuickBooks
  • To run & review VAT on purchases
  • To run & review VAT on Sales
  • To reconcile Monthly Due VAT
  • Determining What You Owe to Tax Authority
  • To file monthly Due VAT in QuickBooks
  • To know VAT accounts position in Balance sheet

Lesson 5: Working with Banking Module

 In this Lesson, trainee will learn how to:

  • To make deposit of sales
  • To make fund transfers
  • To write checks
  • Performing bank reconciliation
  • Allocation of Reconciliation discrepancies
  • Run Reconciliation report

 Lesson 6: General Journals &End year Adjustments with QuickBooks

 In this Lesson, trainee will learn how to:

  • To pass general journal entries into QuickBooks
  • To adjust for depreciation into QuickBooks
  • To deal with Prepayments into QuickBooks
  • To deal with accruals payments into QuickBooks
  • To imports bulk transactions in to QuickBooks

Lesson 7: Creating Reports

In this Lesson, trainee will learn how to:

  • Creating Quick Reports
  • Modifying Quick Reports
  • Memorizing Quick Reports
  • Running Preset Reports
  • Modifying Preset Reports
  • Exporting Reports to Microsoft Excel
  • Printing Reports

            Workshop Date & Time & Venue

Date: 28th & 29th October 2019 (Workdays Program)

Date:02 & 03 November 2019 (Weekend Program)

Hours: from 08:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Lunch break (12:00 to 2:00)

Venue: Our Training venue, Kigali Rwanda

Cost components include:

  1. Access to training;
  2. Certificate;
  3. Course hand out;
  4. Tea break and lunches are included.


Get an invitation letter by sending e-mail to:

info@erp-statisticslab.com or call us on :0788 30 39 75

DISCOUNT Available to group application as follow:

  • Group of 3 People: 5%
  • Above 3 people:10%