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The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is a pan-African network of centres of excellence enabling Africa’s talented students to become innovators driving the continent’s scientific, educational and economic self-sufficiency.















To:                    All Interested suppliers for office Supplies and/or Stationery Items in Rwanda.



Attention:        Managing Directors, All.





From:                 AIMS Rwanda.




Our file ref.:      AIMS RW/02/2018-2019.





Date:                  December 11th, 2018

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Request for Quotation for the Annual Provision of Office Supplies and/or Stationery Items:



If you do not receive all pages, please contact us immediately. Thank you.





Dear Sir / Madam,

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is a pan-African network of centres of excellence for world class post-graduate training, research and outreach in Mathematical sciences that enables Africa’s talented students to become problem solvers and innovators capable of propelling Africa’s scientific, educational and economic self-sufficiency.

With Headquarters in Kigali Rwanda, AIMS-NEI provides leadership and oversight to 6 Centres of Excellence across Africa including AIMS Rwanda, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Cameroon and Senegal.

AIMS Rwanda Centre was inaugurated in August 2016 and is located on Road KG3 ST, Kicukiro District, Niboye Sector, Nyakabanda Cell, Plot # 559-560-561, P.O.BOX 7150 Kigali Rwanda Tel: +250-788-312-469. The main objective of AIMS Rwanda is to provide up to 50 students from across the continent with scientific training in Mathematical Sciences on an annual basis.

AIMS Rwanda offers to its members a unique, conducive learning and teaching environment and it is imperative that AIMS Rwanda provides a very high quality, timely and professional Services to ensure an enabling learning and teaching environment to its students, tutors and lecturers.

AIMS Rwanda is currently looking for a qualified locally registered Company or Service Provider for the provision of office supplies and/or stationery for an initial one year term. Please, refer to the details in the list attached, Annex 5.

We would like to invite you to submit your quotation for the provision of stationery as per the attached description, Annex 5. Please note that for any office supplies or stationery items that may not appear on the list, their prices shall be requested in a separate proforma invoice and agreed upon before the issuance of Purchase Order.

AIMS Rwanda has a total population of approximately one hundred (100) that includes students, tutors lecturers and staff to benefit these office supplies. Office Supplies will be required for an initial period of one year, described in an annual contract which may be renewable subject to satisfactory performance based on evaluation of services rendered.

  1. Type: Annual Provision of Office Supplies and/or Stationery Items:

Quality specifications, scope of work and Requirements:

AIMS Rwanda intends to engage a suitable Service Providers for the Quotation for the Provision of Office Supplies and/or Stationery Items to its students and tutors for an initial period of one year renewable subject to on-going satisfactory performance.

Alignment to AIMS Core values.

AIMS Rwanda is a multi-cultural community that includes and celebrates diversity of people from all cultures and backgrounds united to achieve AIMS’ vision and living by AIMS core values of Pan Africanism, respect, integrity and excellence. It is expected that the bidders would demonstrate in their proposals how their services align to these core values and AIMS’ inclusive organizational culture.

AIMS Rwanda’s roles.

In case your proposal is accepted, the following will be AIMS Rwanda’s major roles;

  • Annual Contract with be drafted and signed by the two parties;
  • Every time AIMS Rwanda needs to place an order for supply of stationery items, a requesting proforma Invoice for specific items will be sent;
  • A Purchase Order will be issued against the proforma Invoice for the delivery;
  • Make the payment to the supplier in not less than 30 calendar days
  • In case of any changes to the contractual terms and conditions, the client shall always be notified to take any necessary actions;

Service Provider’s Administrative roles and responsibilities;

The Service Provider’s administrative responsibilities will include the following:

  • The selected service provider will be expected to observe absolute confidentiality and professionalism in any regard relating to the requested services;
  • The Service Provider is committed to provide services with all due diligence, efficiency, according to high standards of professional and deontological norms.
  • The selected service provider will take necessary measures to rapidly meet agreed terms in this request for proposal and subsequent contract to the expectations of the Client;
  • The selected service provider’s duty is to provide office supplies to the client when it is requested in form of LPO and execute the services as stipulated in Purchase Order;
  • The Service Provider is compelled to respect time scheduled for the service
  • Timely issuing of accurate invoices to the AIMS Rwanda office;

Invitation for quotation and Mode of Submission.

You are hereby invited to submit your quotation for the provision of the services as described in section 13 below: Specific Requirements. You are requested to submit your quotation in one original plus one copy, properly completed and enclosed in a plain sealed envelope marked “TENDER NUMBER: AIMS RW/02/2018-2019, ANNUAL PROVISION OF OFFICE SUPPLIES AND/OR STATIONERY ITEMS TO AIMS RWANDA” must be delivered to the AIMS Rwanda located at Kicukiro District, Niboye Sector, Nyakabanda Cell, Road KG 3 ST, Kigali Rwanda (former Alpha Palace Hotel building).

  1. Packing requirements:

The selected supplier or bidder will be responsible for packing the items ordered and deliver to the client’s addresses.

  1. Markings:

The selected supplier or bidder will be responsible for packing and labelling the items ordered and deliver to the clients addresses.

  1. Transport:

All ordered items will be delivered to AIMS Rwanda Centre (former Alpha Palace Building), please take note this.

  1. Quantity and destination:

Quantities for items ordered will be specified in the Purchase Order at time of need for supply.

  1. Delivery:

Services will be required for an initial period of one year, described in an annual contract which may be renewable subject to satisfactory performance based on evaluation of services rendered.

  1. Delivery delay:

Immediate – office supplies will be required URGENTLY - please advise on the best delivery time in days and mode to AIMS Rwanda address. The final delivery schedule will be finalised at the time of placing the Purchase Order/Contract and the suppler may be requested to provide part deliveries. Furthermore please advise on daily delivery or production capacity and lead time required for fulfilling the above mentioned requirement.

  1. Liquidated Damages:

Arrival after agreed delivery schedule will be subject to a deduction from the invoice of 0.1% per day up to maximum 5% of the total value of the contract.

  1. Payment:

Within 30 days from date of receipt of a monthly invoice after signing the contract and all supporting documents in order by the AIMS Rwanda.

  1. Your offer should clearly state the followingN/A
  2. Pertinent informationN/A
  3. All or None Clause:

The AIMS Rwanda reserves the right to accept or decline your offer and the bidder with cheapest offer will not necessarily be acceptable. Should your offer be accepted, you will be required to sign, stamp and return our formal Purchase Order or contract confirming your acceptance of the agreed terms and conditions as per attached Annex 1, below.

  1. Required Documents and Certificates (Specific Requirements)



Documents/Information to be submitted

Financial Capacity 10%

Acceptance of the payment principle (in case off a delay, three months after delivery of requested items)

·         Payment Principle acceptance Letter signed by the Representative of the Company

Technical and professional capacity (50%)

Experience in the field of office supplies in the country

·         A clear and detailed company profile information;

·         Copies of contracts, MoUs, at least two contracts under which similar services were provided over the past two years.

Provision of office supplies or office stationery items as per the list;

·         A detailed delivery;

·         Availability of offering trainings;

A list of current potential clients

·         Name of the company, focal person, telephone number and email address;

Focal contact Person

·         His/her name, phone number and email addresses

Registration Certificates

·         RDB certificate;

·         VAT Registration certificate;

·         Valid Tax clearance certificate;

·         RSSB Certificate;

Valid Power of Attorney

·         Power of Attorney in favor of person authorized to sign the documents;

Cost and Payments (40%)

·         Contract Currency: Strictly Rwandan Francs (RWF)

·         Payment upon presentation of preprinted invoice and EBM receipt;

·         Payment will be effected after 90 days (maximum);

·         Your Financial proposal must clearly indicate;

»     Sub-total Premiums;

»     18% VAT terms;

»     Annual Total Premiums;

·         A detailed Financial Proposal specifying Unit Price for each category of quantities, VAT terms;

·         Currency: Rwf

  1. Validity:

Your offer must remain valid for a period of 90 calendar days before which a Purchase Order or contract, if placed, should be accepted by you.

  1. Confirmation:

Please acknowledge receipt of this request and indicate your intention to bid.

  1. Offer: (Specific instructions to tenderers)

Name of Institution

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences | AIMS Rwanda

Project Title

Provision of Annual Medical Insurance Cover to AIMS Rwanda.

Project Number

AIMS RW/01/2018 - 2019

Quotation submission date

All quotations must be submitted in sealed envelopes at the latest on January 24th, 2019 at 12:00 PM. Any quotation received after that time will be disqualified.

Expected start date and duration

Start date: January, 2019.

Nature of the service

The service required in this request for quotation includes:

·         Provision of office supplies or office stationery items


Participation to this tender is opened to all legally registered local dealers in the supply of office stationery service providers or companies in Rwanda.

Language of quotations

Your quotation must be prepared and presented in English, one original copy is enough.

Validity of Quotations

90 Calendar days from the closing date

Tax Exemption

Please note that AIMS Rwanda is exempted from VAT taxes. However, your pricing should include 18% VAT. Please note that AIMS Rwanda ONLY accepts preprinted invoices accompanied by EBM receipts.

Evaluation and Contract award

An offer will be awarded based on their responsiveness to the requirements;

Award will be made to the tenderer that meets requirements stated in this Request for quotation. AIMS Rwanda reserves the right to:

·         Make any correction for errors;

·         Make appropriate adjustment for any other acceptable variations, deviations or omission; and to reflect discounts for the award or other price modifications offered;

·         Make field visits of your company if it deems necessary;

Contact person for enquiries

Please direct any inquiries related to this RFQ at by Friday, January 17th, 2019 at 12:00. Any delay in AIMS’ response shall not be used as a reason for extending the deadline for submission.

Payment terms

Please not that Financial rules and regulations of AIMS Rwanda do not foresee any advance payments of any kind. AIMS Rwanda makes all payments through bank transfer within 90 days from the date of receipt of the invoice and upon AIMS Rwanda certification of satisfactory completion of the services.

Additional Information

All tenderers are required to fill

Location of AIMS Rwanda

AIMS Rwanda is located on Road KG3 ST, Kicukiro District, Niboye Sector, Nyakabanda Cell, Plot # 559-560-561, P.O.BOX 7150 Kigali Rwanda Tel: +250-788-312-469 (former Alpha palace Hotel building).

Electronic submission

Not permitted.


In addition to all other necessary documents as per the present request for quotation, all tenderers are required to fill in the 3 annexes including;

1.                  AIMS-NEI General terms and conditions;

2.                  Quotation submission form;

3.                  Quotation securing declaration form and

4.                  Integrity form

Your offer should also be accompanied with completed and signed suppliers registration form (form attached). Please do not submit offers by Fax.

Offers not addressed and sent as required will NOT be considered.

Please acknowledge receipt of this request and indicate your intention to bid.

Thank you and best regards,

AIMS Rwanda.


Tel.: +250-788-312-469


  • Annex 1. AIMS-NEI General terms and conditions;
  • Annex 2. Quotation Submission Form;
  • Annex 3: Quotation Securing Declaration;
  • Annex 4:Integrity.
  • Annex 5: AIMS Rwanda - List of Office Stationery


  • Any attempt by a candidate or bidder to obtain confidential information, enter into unlawful agreements with competitors or influence the Committee or AIMS Rwanda during the process of examining, clarifying, evaluating and comparing Proposals will lead to the rejection of their candidacy or bid and may result in administrative penalties;
  • Without the AIMS Rwanda’s prior written authorisation, a Contractor and its staff or any other company with which the Contractor is associated or linked may not, even on an ancillary or subcontracting basis, supply other services, carry out the project. This prohibition also applies to any other projects that could, owing to the nature of the contract, give rise to a conflict of interest on the part of the Contractor;
  • When putting forward a bid, the candidate or bidder shall declare that he is affected by no potential conflict of interest and has no particular link with other bidders or parties involved in the project. Should such a situation arise during performance of the contract, the Contractor must immediately inform AIMS Rwanda;
  • The Contractor must at all times act impartially and as a faithful adviser in accordance with the code of conduct of his profession. The Contractor shall refrain from making public statements about the project or services without AIMS Global Secretariat prior approval. The Contractor may not commit AIMS Global Secretariat in any way without its prior written consent;
  • For the duration of the contract, the Contractor and staff shall respect human rights and undertake not to offend the political, cultural and religious mores of the beneficiary state;
  • The Contractor may accept no payment connected with the contract other than that provided for therein. The Contractor and its staff must not exercise any activity or receive any advantage inconsistent with their obligations to the AIMS Rwanda;
  • The Contractor and its staff shall be obliged to maintain professional secrecy for the entire duration of the contract and after its completion. All reports and documents drawn up or received by the Contractor shall be confidential;
  • The contract shall govern the Contracting Parties' use of all reports and documents drawn up, received or presented by them during the execution of the contract;
  • The Contractor shall refrain from any relationship likely to compromise his independence or that of its staff. If the Contractor ceases to be independent, AIMS Rwanda may, regardless of injury, terminate the contract without further notice, and without the Contractor having any claims to compensation;
  • AIMS Rwanda reserves the right to suspend or cancel a contract if corrupt practices of any kind are discovered at any stage of the award process. For the purposes of this provision, corrupt practices are the offer of a bribe, gift, gratuity or commission to any person as an inducement or reward for performing or refraining from any act relating to the award of a contract or implementation of a contract already concluded with the AIMS Rwanda;
  • All bidders will be rejected or contracts terminated if it emerges that the award or execution of a contract has given rise to unusual commercial expenses;
  • Such unusual commercial expenses are commissions not mentioned in the main contract or not stemming from a properly concluded contract referring to the main contract, commissions not paid in return for any actual and legitimate service, commissions remitted to a tax haven, commissions paid to a recipient who is not clearly identified or commissions paid to a company which has every appearance of being a front company;
  • The Contractor shall supply AIMS Rwanda on request with all supporting documents relating to the conditions of the contract's execution. AIMS Rwanda may carry out whatever documentary or on-the-spot checks it deems necessary to find evidence in cases of suspected unusual commercial expenses;
  • When putting forward a bid, the bidder shall declare its commitment to the non–exploitation of child labour and to the respect of basic social rights and working conditions. AIMS Rwanda may carry out whatever documentary or on-the-spot checks it deems necessary to find evidence of the enforcement of the abovementioned principles.

[Insert letterhead paper of the Tenderer full postal address, and telephone, facsimile and telex numbers and cable address]



Date: ……………………………. [Date]

To: ……………………………………………………………………………………., [insert full address of Procuring Entity]


We offer to provide the ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………., [insert description of service and Quotation No.] in accordance with the conditions of contract accompanying this Quotation for the Contract Price of …………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………………………., [insert amount in words, figures and currency].


We also offer to complete the said services within a period of ………..…………………………………… ……………………………….…., [insert period] that includes mobilization period.


This quotation and your written acceptance of it shall constitute a binding Contract between us.  We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any quotation you receive.

We hereby confirm that this quotation complies with the conditions required by the Invitation for Quotations.

Authorized Signature: ………………………………………………………………

Name and Title of Signatory: …………………………………………...………

Name of the Service Provider: …………………………………………………



Date: ………………………………….

Tender No: AIMS RW/02/2018-2019

To: …………………………………………………………………………… [Insert complete name of Procuring Entity]

We, the undersigned, declare that:                           

We understand that, and accept that we will automatically be suspended from being eligible for the competition in any contract with the Procuring Entity for the period of time to be  determined by the Authority, if we are in breach of our obligation (s) under the tender conditions, because we:

  • have withdrawn or modified our quotation during the period of quotation validity specified in the Form of Quotation;
  • Disagreement to arithmetical correction made to the quotation price; or
  • having been notified of the acceptance of our quotation by the Procuring Entity during the period of tender validity, (i) failure to sign the contract if required by Procuring Entity to do so or (ii) fail or refuse to furnish the Performance Security or to comply with any other condition precedent to signing the contract specified in the quotation documents.

We understand this Quotation Securing Declaration shall expire if we are not the successful service provider, upon the earlier of (i) our receipt of your notification to us of the name of the successful Tenderer; or (ii) twenty-eight days after the expiration of our request for quotation.

Signed: [insert signature of person whose name and capacity are shown]

In the capacity of [insert legal capacity of person signing the Tender Securing Declaration]

Name: …………………………………………………………., [insert complete name of person signing the Tender Securing Declaration]                                                                                 

Duly authorized to sign the quotation document for and on behalf of: [insert complete name of Tenderer]

Dated on ____________ day of _________________, ____________ [insert date of signing]

Corporate Seal (where appropriate) [Insert Name of Procuring Entity]





We, …………………………………………………………………………., [insert name of the service provider] place importance on competitive tendering taking place on a basis that is free, fair, competitive and not open to abuse.  We are pleased to confirm that we will not offer or facilitate, directly or indirectly, any improper inducement or reward to any public officer, their relations or business associates, in connection with this quotation, or in the subsequent performance of the contract if it is successful.


We have an Anti-Bribery Policy/ Code of Conduct and a Compliance Program which includes all reasonable steps necessary to assure that the No-bribery commitment given in this statement will be complied with by our management and employees as well as by all third parties working with us on the public sector projects or contract including agents, consultants, consortium partners, sub-contractors and service providers. 



 (Name of   the Authorized Person)






Company stamp/seal