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Recruitment/Hiring Agent

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TRES is an engineering company for the telecoms sector that offers end-to-end solutions for BTS (Base Transceiver Station) sites, ensuring uptime of more than 99%. TRES aims to ensure that every BTS site is built, maintained, and optimized to ensure that no bit of information is lost and that telecoms customers experience a seamless service.

Our business objective is to relieve Telecom operators from any work on the Telecom site that is not part of their core business.

Recruitment/Hiring Agent

You have an interest in the growth of people, especially on the Africa continent, and are a result-oriented person. You have been highly productive, and this can be evidenced by verifiable achievements in previous endeavors in any area of your life. In your past, you have demonstrated the capacity to quickly learn and apply learned materials to solve issues.

Beyond a good level of communication, this job doesn’t require special experience. You will rely more on the strict application of learned tools than reinventing the wheel.

Because you will work with online tools, you need to demonstrate a certain level of digital literacy.

Our purpose is to bring to the African continent a proven technology in the management of human resources. We have an extensive portfolio of services and products. This gives you an opportunity for exceptional career development and the possibility to take on more responsibilities in the company.

In the beginning, the remuneration isn’t necessarily attractive. However, if you correctly apply tools you will learn, your production will improve, and your reward will increase considerably.

If you are disciplined in following through to get results and you are excited to get people to grow, this is your job, apply now by clicking on the following link: