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Sager Ganza Microfinance Plc
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Reference: 001/RFQ-2022/CEO


SAGER GANZA MICROFINANCE PLC is a microfinance institution working in Rwanda since 2005 licensed by the National Bank of Rwanda. Its principal objective is to participate in national and international efforts to reduce poverty by collecting savings and providing micro credits to the underserved population. Its specific objective is to “strengthen the economic power of the economically active poor, in particular women and young people in the fight against poverty”. The idea of the creation of this institution comes from its main shareholder Bobby SAGER, U.S. citizen who intervened in Rwanda in 2002 during the emergency period through the NGO called WIF “WOMEN INVESTMENT FUND”. 

SAGER GANZA MICROFINANCE PLC intends to open a new branch and shift its HQ to Giporoso.  

Offer Deadline and Protocol: 

All offers must be received no later than Wednesday 10th August 2022 and addressed to “Sager Ganza Microfinance Plc HQ” located at 27 KG 529 St, Nyabugogo, Gitega Sector, Kigali, Rwanda time on 05pm through email delivery to the following recipients:

All offers should have a validity period of at least 90 calendar days. 


The sections below contain the technical requirements of the requested information Designer and Partitioning. 

Offerors are requested to provide quotations containing the information below on official quotation format.

Designing and Partition

Head Office designer

Number of closed offices:

  • CEO office
  • Executive assistant office (with access to the CEO office)
  • Legal advisor office
  • COO office
  • HR & Administration manager 
  • Finance manager
  • Credit manager
  • Marketing & Product development manager
  • Recovery loan manager
  • IT manager
  • Internal Audit manager
  • Server room

Number of Open space/offices

  • COO: 2-3 staffs 
  • HR & Administration manager: 2-3 staffs
  • Finance manager: 2-3 staffs
  • Credit manager: 4-5 staffs
  • Recovery manager: 2-3 staffs
  • Marketing & Product development manager: 2-3 staffs
  • IT manager: 2-3 staffs
  • Internal Audit: 2-3 staffs
  • 2 closed offices (to meet and discuss with clients)
  • Filing rooms for the Branch, Credit, Finance, Operation, HR, and Executive assistant. 

Extra spaces

  • Conference room: 20 persons maximum
  • Kitchenette
  • Waiting area: more than 10 persons (close to credit & recovery areas) 

HQ Branch 

Branch staff:

  • Tellers’ box: 3 tellers’ separate boxes  
  • Branch manager:1 closed office (with a view to the tellers’ boxes) 
  • Strong room: 1closed separately
  • Filing room: 1 closed separately

Extra spaces

  • Waiting area: more than 10 persons
  • Reception area


  • 1 toilets for men and 1 for women (closed to the existing toilet)  

All grounding and bonding work shall comply with the building code, fire code, electrical code, and ANSI/TIA/EIA standards as well as local codes which may specify additional grounding and/or bonding requirements. 

To assist offerors in preparation of proposals, the following checklist summarizes the documentation to include an offer in response to this RFQ: 

  • Official quotation, including specifications of information technical services 
  • Copy of offeror’s registration or business license 
  • Three professional references or past performance reviews 
  • Delivery time (after receipt of order): 30 calendar days 

NOTE: Site visit is mandatory from Monday 01st to Friday 05th August 2022. 

Hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Day: During working day

Patrick Buki Kanuni

CEO Sager Ganza Microfinance Plc

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