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Request for Quotation - Provision of Horticulture Value Chain Services Under a Framework Contract

African Wildlife Foundation

AWF is a non-profit conservation organization, founded in 1961 with a mission to work together with the people of Africa to ensure the wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern in Africa”. AWF is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya and working at different program levels in 38 landscapes in East, West, Central and Southern Africa.

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African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is an international NGO working across the continent of Africa, developing African conservation leadership and implementing programs that focus on safeguarding areas of high conservation value through a holistic suite of programs that conserve wildlife, protect land, improve the lives of local people and leverage conservation enterprises to promote sustainable economic growth that does not come at the expense of Africa's natural heritage.

AWF is proud to have partnered with the Government of Rwanda (GOR) and people living in the Virunga for more than four decades resulting in increasing populations of endangered mountain gorillas and improved human livelihoods starting in 1981 when we co-founded the Mountain Gorilla Project (MGP). For a decade we worked with MGP in Rwanda and in 1991, with partners, AWF expanded this program to a transboundary conservation initiative by creating the International Gorilla Conservation Program (IGCP).

AWF has secured a budget to support livelihood improvement of community around VNP and intends to apply the proceeds of this budget to eligible payments under the contract for which this Request for Quotations is issued. This procurement process will be conducted in accordance with the RFQ procurement method contained in the Organization procurement Guidelines and the procedures described herein.

The Services required are described in detail in the Statement of Requirements.

Preparation of Quotations: You are requested to quote for the Services by completing, signing and returning:

  1. Quotation Submission Sheet.
  2. The quote should be accompanied by:

Company Registration certificate

  1. Detailed Catalogue of your products with technical specifications
  2. CVs of your master trainers and agronomist
  3. Copy of Registration Certificate issued by RDB.
  4. Valid Tax Clearance Certificate issued by RRA

Validity of Quotations: The quotation validity required is 60 days.

Statement of Requirements:

The firm is requested to quote prices Taxes Inclusive for the following services (you are allowed to quote only what you will supply):

  1. Supply and installation of greenhouse kits including irrigation system (provide a list of all your models and sizes and their respective unit prices)
  2. Supply of Vegetable seeds, biofertilizers, pest control inputs (provide a list and their respective unit prices)
  3. Local Sorting and packaging equipment for fruit and vegetables 
  4. Small Evaporative cool chamber,
  5. Small sorting and packaging Room
  6. Training in production techniques (unit cost per one trainee)
  7. Any other related services provided by the firm.

Date of deadline: 27 May 2024.

Time of deadline: 17h00 (local time).

Submission address: The quote should be submitted entirely in electronic format (email) in PDF to following address: with a copy to

Any queries should be addressed to the program assistant at, 5 days prior to the deadline.

Click on the APPLY button to send your application documents:
  • Your application will be sent to the employer immediately (Allowed formats: .doc .pdf .txt .docx)
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you few minutes afterwards
  • You can request any documents archived from our website (ex: a job description, a CV, a cover letter...)