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Request for Proposal to Conduct Coaching Program of the Staff

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General Context

Rwanda ICT Chamber is an arm of the Private Sector Federation (PSF). Established in 2011, the Rwanda ICT Chamber is the leading partner for organizations to share experience, network, and meet key players in the Rwandan ICT sector. At ICT Chamber, we help our members to work with the right associations, companies, and individuals and ensure that they get the needed skills, opportunities, and tools to grow.

About the Tender

At the ICT Chamber, the continuous professional development of our staff is the key to the development of the organization. Through the support of different partners, Rwanda ICT Chamber helps its employees to obtain, improve, and retain skills, knowledge, and tools that help them to perform at a greater capacity.

Therefore, the ICT Chamber wants to hire a consulting firm to offer its employees a coaching program in the framework of continuous professional development. The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that the employees of the ICT Chamber enhance their skills so that they develop the necessary tools they need to deliver on their responsibilities. The consulting firm will train 11 staff members of the Chamber according to their respective departments.

The employees who will be trained from the Chamber are highlighted in blue as per the following organizational structure:

The objective of the Assignment

  • To develop a content/guideline for the coaching program of the staff of the ICT Chamber 
  • To provide training to the employees of the Chamber in form of a coaching program whereby each employee will be coached depending on his/her line of work.
  • To facilitate the employees to acquire professional certificates by taking online courses; N.B: the online courses will be determined by the ICT Chamber.
  • To work collaboratively with the respective employees/staff to produce business models for their departments.

Scope of the assignment

The consulting firm will support the employees of Chamber through a coaching program that will bridge the skills gap of individuals staff as per their job responsibilities. The primary program management and coordination tasks are as follows:

  • Develop course outline and contents of the coaching program;
  • Work with the respective employees to identify the relevant online course for everyone;
  • To facilitate the staff to take online courses accordingly, and to handle all logistics that are involved in the process of paying for online courses
  • Prepare and submit the coaching program documents (PowerPoint slides, business models)
  • Prepare a coaching delivery schedule with a full itinerary of the sessions

Expected Outputs and deliverables:

  • Prepare and submit course outline, course contents, PPT, Handouts, training delivery schedule for the coaching of the staff;
  • Conduct Pre and Post evaluation of the coaching program;
  • Submit output-based progress report for the coaching program and final report including list of trainees with full contact details and the business models of the respective staff departments/programs/projects

Assignment Period

The assignment is divided into two parallel phases:

  1. The first phase will be a “Coaching Program: this phase will be completed within 4 months
  2. The second phase will be “Online Courses for the Staff”: this phase will be completed within a period of one year by taking into consideration the timeframe of the individual online courses.

Qualifications and competencies

  • At least a Post Graduate degree preferably in business administration, project management, ICT, and other related courses with experience of at least 10 years in digital financial services, project management, and/or start-up mentorship.
  • Preference will be given to bidders with considerable experience in developing institutional capacity.
  • Demonstrated expertise and high-level knowledge in coaching professionals
  • Demonstrated results in facilitating online and distance learning
  • Strong analytical skills and high-level written communication
  • Outstanding project management and coordination skills and expertise.

Submission process

Bids are welcomed from teams of experts, research institutions, consortium arrangements, consultancy companies, and/or training providers that can demonstrate the necessary project management and technical expertise to deliver the coaching program.

To apply, interested parties should submit the following:

1. The technical proposal that shows the overall proposed approach to the assignment, including

  • Methodology for each deliverable
  • The proposed scope of activities to deliver each requirement of the assignment
  • Total time, number of days, and personnel commitment for the assignment
  • A proposed budget

2. Financial Proposal

3. Example(s) of previous work that demonstrates the capability to complete the assignment

4. A prospectus outlining relevant information about the organization submitting the proposal that includes relevant experience and achievements together and the detailed CVs of experts who would work on the assignment 

To be considered, submissions are required by the end of business on 20th May 2021.

Submissions should be emailed to:

You can send your queries to or call 0781161487

Note: Refer to the attached document for more information