Request for Proposals (RFP) - Provide Consulting Services to a Factoring Company

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To:                 Offerors

Date:               February 6, 2020      

From:             Technical and Procurement Teams

USAID Nguriza Nshore Activity (Implemented by DAI Global LLC)

Subject:          Request for Proposals (RFP) - Provide Consulting Services to a Factoring Company

Due: 5:00 PM Central Africa Time (CAT) February 11, 2020


Dear Offerors:

This is a follow-on advertisement in connection with the above-referenced subject, please refer to the following link:  

We would like to share with you the answers to questions that were asked by some offerors for clarification and the following answers are now part of the above mentioned ‘Request for Proposals (RFP) - Provide Consulting Services to a Factoring Company’ Requirements:


Questions #1: Please provide us with a copy of your terms and conditions referred to in the RFP.

Nguriza Nshore response: Please refer to this section of the RFP below.

III. Offeror’s Agreement with Terms and Conditions. The completion of all RFP requirements must in accordance with the instructions contained in this RFP. Submission to DAI on the technical and cost proposals will constitute an offer and indicates the Offeror’s agreement to the terms and conditions set forth in this RFP. DAI is not required to accept and/or evaluate proposals that do not conform to the instructions of this RFP and, in addition, DAI may reject all proposals and not make an award. DAI reserves the right to make an award without discussion and/or negotiation; however, DAI also reserves the right to conduct discussions and/or negotiations, which among other things may require an Offeror to revise its proposal (technical and/or cost). By submitting an offer, Offerors agree to comply with the general terms and conditions for an award, including Representations and Certification compliance. Offerors must provide full, accurate, and complete information in response to this solicitation. By submitting an offer, Offerors certify that they have not and will not attempt to bribe or make any payment to DAI employees in return for preference.

In addition, Offerors are strictly forbidden to contact the beneficiary (the factoring company) of this RFP should its identity be known to the Offeror. Offerors in violation of this requirement will be disqualified.

Issuance of this RFP in no way obligates DAI to render an award, nor does it commit

DAI to pay any costs incurred by the Offeror to prepare and submit a proposal. DAI reserves the right to award an FPC or ICA to one organization or consultant or to issue multiple awards based on the results of our evaluation.  

Question #2: We understand that several suitable partners for both equity investment and OBS financing have already been identified. How many partners have you already identified? 

Nguriza Nshore response: The company has a shortlist of four potential equity partners and two on OBS. Also, they have a long list of twenty plus on both sides should the shortlist fall through. It is not the expectation that the successful bidder will add to this list (although the company is open to suggestions).

Question #3: Have the main terms and conditions of the contemplated transactions already been discussed with the identified partners?

Nguriza Nshore response: The company has not discussed terms/conditions with equity investors, but discussions have been held on terms/conditions on OBS with the broad agreement reached.

Question #4: Which type of OBS financing should be put in place?

Nguriza Nshore response: The default option is a forward flow structure using dedicated SPVs; however, the company expects advice/recommendations from the successful bidder.


Thank you,

DAI Nguriza Nshore Technical and Procurement Teams