Residential Coordinator

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In 2013, we launched a new venture to build the first pan-African network of high-quality, affordable university programs, enabling even students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed. Nearly 300 students are now enrolled in Kepler.

Africa has the fastest-growing youth population in the world, but its education systems are not ready to unleash what could be the transformative generation of talent that permanently changes the face of the continent. Studies show that more earning potential is unlocked with each year of higher education than any other period of study. We aspire to help unleash a generation of African students who otherwise would lack the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Residential Coordinator

Operations – Kigali, Kigali City

About Kepler:

The challenge: All across sub-Saharan Africa, millions of young people struggle every day with access to education and employment – and the kinds of livelihoods that lead to economic security and mobility for themselves and their families. Every young person deserves the chance to be educated; every young person deserves the opportunity to have a meaningful job.

Who we are: Kepler is a non-profit higher education program that is building a transformative model of education-to-employment services for these young people across the region. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the economic mobility of thousands of individuals, families, and communities in all of our countries of operation. We want to reimagine what higher education can look like in sub-Saharan Africa.

What we do: Through a rigorous curriculum of in-person, online and on-the-job learning, Kepler students graduate with the relevant skills and the right attitude to meet the needs of the changing global economy. We partner closely with Southern New Hampshire University - a global leader in higher education - which allows our students to attain affordable, internationally recognized degrees while studying in East Africa.

Our history: Kepler launched in Rwanda in 2013. Our 50+ staff currently serve 550 students across two campuses in Rwanda – our flagship campus in Kigali, as well as a second campus in the Kiziba refugee camp in Western Rwanda, where we serve refugee learners.

The future: Currently, all Kepler students earn their degrees through our degree partner Southern New Hampshire University and that will continue to be a key part of the Kepler model. In parallel, we are working on developing a bachelor’s degree provided by Kepler and accredited in Rwanda. Kepler has an ambitious new strategy for the next five years, which will include launching in two new countries; expanding our academic offerings; partnering with other public and private sector universities, and reaching a new level of organizational sustainability.

Job Description- Residential  Coordinator

  • Work very closely with Room Leaders to ensure hygiene and quiet hours enforcement

  • Schedule weekly meetings with Room Leaders to discuss any issues that might arise and assign solutions

  • Manage student housing spare keys and provide support just in case of the lockouts

  • Manage both perpetual and physical inventory of materials and equipment in the student housing

  • Provide advice to incoming students about challenges and the best ways to overcome them

  • Assist in move-in and adjustment to Kigali activities

  • Communicate problems encountered by incoming students to the Wellness Manager

  • Order and distribute sanitary materials to the students living in the student housing

  • Maintain occupancy and roster and key controls and inventory

  • Manage student housing utilities ( water and electricity)

  • Supervise the Plumber and Electrician work at the dormitory

  • Respond to urgent maintenance and security issues

  • Oversee catering services and report any irregularity related to the catering services

  • Work with the Student Wellness Manager on solving problems in the student dormitory as they arise and being proactive in preventing problems

  • Ensure orderliness of materials and equipment in the student housing and encourage students to tidy their beds and clothing

  • Help coordinate sports activities for students living at the dorm in collaboration with the SGA Sports Coordinator at campus

  • Report incidents that might occur at the student dormitory

  • Managing First Aid Kits

  • Overseeing catering services ( enforcing meals preparation best practices, ensure respecting serving hours, etc)

  • Overseeing student housing and Enforce the student housing rules    

  • Checking the security camera footage on a daily basis

  • Schedule and run a mandatory dorm orientation meeting in early for all new residents covering the dorm rules. Schedule more meetings as necessary.

  • Promote a positive and safe atmosphere that makes all residents feel comfortable. This includes holding a meeting

  • Enforce quiet hours. This includes doing daily (and nightly checks) of the housing

  • Keep all public areas of the dorm clean including, but not limited to : bathroom, living room, hallways, and the outside area around the dorm

  • Monitor vacuum(s) and cleaning supplies so they are returned to common closets for use by all residents.

  • Collaborate with the Security guards

  • Assist with, as needed, other projects


  • Bachelor’s degree in Social work or Human Studies

  • 1-2 years of relevant experience in the education sector or youth environment


  • English skills

  • Computer skills

  • Listening, judgment and decision making skills

  • Emergency management skills

  • Good records keeping skills

  • Ability to conform to confidentiality.