RfP- Consultancy services to carry out organizational health assessment and Policy Review/Development for Urunana DC

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Urunana Development Communication is a fully registered Non Government Organization (NGO) specialized in development communication strategies focusing mainly at improving health and social welfare of the Rwandan population using the behaviour and social change communication approach.



The Urunana Development communication (Urunana DC) invites eligible and qualified companies to submit their best technical and financial proposals for the following services:


Title of Tender

Reference number of Tender

Bid Security

Opening Time 


Request for proposals of consultancy services to carry out an organizational health assessment and Policy Review/Development for Urunana DC

002/CONSULT/HA/Urunana DC/2019

50,000 Frw

03:30 pm


Participation is open on equal conditions to all firms specialized in consultancy services required by the client.

The Tender Documents are available at the reception desk of Urunana Development Communication office located at Kimironko opposite Engen petrol station at plot No. 628 along KG 17 AV, starting from 30/10/2019 on presentation of a deposit bank slip of a non-refundable amount of five thousand Rwanda Francs only (5000 Frw) for the tender document, deposited on the Urunana DC Account n° 212-125558-1-5101-1 in the name of URUNANA DC at GUARANTY TRUST BANK (Rwanda) LTD. The technical and financial proposals well printed, prepared in English, properly bound and presented in four copies one of which is the original and three copies, must reach, in a sealed envelope, to Urunana DC Office not later than 20th November 2019 at 03:00 pm prompt (local time). The bids must be addressed to: THE MANAGEMENT OF URUNANA DC, P.O BOX 2774 KIGALI, RWANDA.

The technical and financial proposals will be placed in a separate envelope where the complete address of the proposal will be written. The whole package will be slipped into an outer envelope" marked with the reference number and title of the request for proposal and “TO BE OPENED ONLY IN THE PUBLIC SESSION” and addressed to: THE MANAGEMENT OF URUNANA DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION, P.O BOX 2774 KIGALI, RWANDA (the Lot number must also be indicated on the envelope)

The opening of proposals will take place in a public session on the same day at 3:30 pm in the conference room of Urunana DC. The bidding process will be conducted in accordance with Urunana DC procurement policies and the Law n° 05/2013 of 13/02/2013 on Public Procurement in Rwanda.


Done at Kigali, on 30/10/2019