Sales Associate

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Inkomoko is a business consulting firm that works with micro, small, and medium enterprises in Rwanda to develop powerful strategies to increase their profits and help them grow. Inkomoko offers trusted advisors, practical services, technology tools, and affordable capital focused on increasing sales, improving operational efficiency, and managing finances. Founded in 2012, Inkomoko identifies entrepreneurs in Rwanda and provides services to help them grow their businesses and create jobs for others. 

Client Relationship Associate

 Kigali, Rwanda

POSITION:         Sales Associate

TERM:                 Full time, 1-year commitment, Renewable

LOCATION:        Kigali, Rwanda

REPORTS TO:    Director of SME Growth


Inkomoko is a full-service business development firm, which provides consulting, training, technology tools, and loans so that entrepreneurs can grow their businesses and create jobs for others.  We work with both small & medium enterprises, as well as refugee entrepreneurs who are developing microbusinesses. Inkomoko is the Rwandan affiliate of African Entrepreneur Collective, a network of business accelerators and loan funds that help entrepreneurs in Africa create jobs for those in their communities.  


The Sales Associate will understand the landscape of SME development in Rwanda and will have the network and skills to bring new clients to Inkomoko.  Successful candidates must navigate fast-paced environments with enthusiasm and commitment to meeting individual and company goals. Basic qualifications include:

  • 3+ years of work experience in Sales & Marketing

  • Previous experience in sales in Rwanda

  • Excellent communicator to audiences in Kinyarwanda, French, and English

  • Incredible professionalism to be an ambassador of the Inkomoko brand

  • Highly driven self-starter with a proven track record

  • Understanding of the challenges SMEs face to company growth

  • Highest standards in customer service with the ability to successfully cultivate new clients

  • Proficient Microsoft Word, Excel, GoogleDocs, and CRM

  • Undergraduate degree in sales, marketing, or relevant field required

Organizational Cultural qualifications. Any successful candidate must:

  • Communicate effectively locally and internationally
  • Maintain local and international performance standards
  • Effectively support the performance of each team member
  • Inspire high levels of efficiency and performance from each team member

  • Be collaborative and solicitous of others' opinions

  • Be a leader in the local entrepreneurial community

  • Be kind, compassionate and empathetic

  • Finds freedom within a framework

  • Lead a team of exemplars to prove our theory of action

  • Be willing to put in the time it takes to do a good job

  • Be solutions oriented and data-driven

  • Have a deep commitment to Inkomoko's strategies in support of Inkomoko's mission, vision, and culture

You will be answerable to the Director of SME GROWTH for the performance of your duties.  Your Duties will include the following:


  •  Recruit and sign 80 new companies to Inkomoko each year

  • Meet with prospective clients to explain Inkomoko's services, and confirm their contract

  • Maintain a perfect understanding of Inkomoko's service offering, to be able to explain the right package to clients, after understanding their business needs

  • Develop and grow relationships with Rwanda's leading business development partners (PSF, WDA, RDB, MINICOM, etc) and other sales channels including banks.


  •  Create a positive and welcoming culture to all new companies that Inkomoko reaches.

  •  Once a contract has been signed, work with the Finance Department to set up their payment plan

  •  Onboard the client with Client Services staff

  •  Add the client and their data to our tracking database

  • Work with the Monitoring & Evaluation team to collect baseline data from all new clients


  •  Work with other sales staff to implement a sophisticated and actionable nation-wide sales plan

  •  Work with the Creative Director and Communications Manager to develop marketing materials, including online, printed, and social media messaging to secure clients

  • Represent Inkomoko in public forums, including panels, conferences, and other venues

  • Enhance the reputation and standing of Inkomoko through daily outreach across the nation

  •  Keep management and other staff connected to relevant partnership opportunities


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Deadline of application: 22 April 2019