Senior Software Architect

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Ampersand is an energy and mobility startup based in Kigali. We’re building electric taxi motorcycles that perform better, are easier to drive, cost less to buy and operate, and take less time to refuel.

We want to achieve the world’s first true mass-market shift from petrol to electric power across a major vehicle fleet, achieving a vital tipping point in the fight against climate change.

Senior Software Architect

Kigali, Rwanda

Our Mission

Ampersand is an energy and mobility startup headquartered in Kigali, Rwanda. We‘re achieving the world’s first true mass-market shift to electric vehicles, a vital tipping point in the fight against climate change.

East Africa’s 5 million moto-taxi drivers are some of the hardest working people on the planet. Many days these drivers work more than 13 hours yet end up with little money in their pockets. Our energy and vehicle service platforms offer savings that can double a driver’s income.

Our electric motorcycles offer superior performance than petroleum bikes and reduce carbon emissions by more than 75%. Converting one of Rwanda’s petrol motorbikes to electricity is equivalent the carbon captured by 128 trees.

In order to accomplish all this, we are building a world-class team of mission-driven innovators, engineers, and managers that are ready to serve humbly and address the hard problems.

What we’re looking for:

Ampersand manages a fleet of batteries that our moto drivers change at one of our many Swap Stations.
Optimizing this flow or energy is key to ensuring the efficiency of our charge infrastructure and the ultimate cost savings for our customers.

The Senior Software Architect will support our mission by overseeing the development of the AmperOps platform, our digital toolkit for the management of drivers, vehicles, and batteries. We’re looking for someone with the range and experience to build large distributed systems and is not afraid to dive deep to
assist with debugging or coding.

This role will report directly to the CTO and will manage a small team of Jr. developers and support team members. Your objectives will include the following:

  • Help to shape Ampersand’s digital products.
  • Gain a deep understanding of our client’s stories to distill their needs into applications and features.
  • Setup the software dev cycle from development to testing, to deployment. Choose what tools we use for CI, log management, and overall devops.
  • Bring together and mentor a new team of Junior Software Engineers and Data Scientist.
  • Shape the data backend of Ampersand to allow for and business intelligence to be easily extracted.
  • Harness machine learning as a way of optimizing Ampersands charging and battery infrastructure.
  • Tracking and understanding the data layers within the battery, vehicle telematics and backend.
  • Lead and review devops of the digital portfolio (android app and AmperOps platform).
  • Coordinate with other engineering teams to ensure synergy between hardware and software products.

Ampersand is a good fit if:

  • You love complicated systems where optimization is key
  • You are not afraid of infrastructure projects and like playing with hardware
  • You like working in a fast-moving agile environment
  • You are motivated by seeing your teammates grow and develop
  • You are looking for an entrepreneurial company that values innovation and strong execution
  • You value diversity and community in the workplace

What we want you to bring:

  • Minimum of 6 years of prior experience in Software Developments and large team management
  • Degree in computer science/ electrical engineering is a bonus, but the experience is also valued
  • Technical abilities with Linux, Bash, VM’s, Docker, Networks, Distributed systems
  • Writing code in Python/Go/Java/JS when needed to assist in components of the process
  • Experience with time series and transactional data
  • A strong work ethic, and the ability to manage shifting priorities and unforeseen challenges
  • Strong communication skills with a supportive and nurturing disposition
  • (Bonus) Experience in a start-up environment

How to apply

Timing and Compensation: ASAP, compensation to commensurate with experience

Only candidates matching the profile are invited to apply.
Interested? Please send your CV and cover letter by using the” Apply for this job” button” below not later than the 1st of March 2020.

Women are especially encouraged to apply.