SME Loan Officer

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AB BANK Rwanda Plc has been operating in Rwanda since January 2014. It is a member of an international network of commercial banks providing banking services to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and private individuals in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

AB Bank Rwanda Limited has been operating in Rwanda since January 2014. It is a member of an international network of commercial banks providing banking services to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and private individuals in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Since the start of operations, AB Bank Rwanda has been growing remarkably in a number of clients and staff. To further facilitate the growth of our client base and branch network we are now seeking motivated professionals to join us. With this in mind, applicants will need to demonstrate a willingness to:

  • find solutions for challenges in a changing market and work environment
  • contribute to the growth of the bank
  • understanding excellent customer service

We are now seeking staff for the following position:

Job Description

Job Title:

SME Loan Officer



Reports to:

SME Group Leader/Head of SME



Main Responsibilities


Create and manage own loan portfolio

  • Promotion: Conducting direct promotion and/or other marketing activities on a regular basis;
  • Application: Screening prospects’ eligibility, taking loan applications and arranging appointments with clients;
  • Assessment: Conducting loan analyses by visiting the business and household of clients, visiting the business/employer of guarantors and preparing a complete loan assessment according to the Bank’s credit procedures;
  • Proposal: Presenting loan proposals to the credit committee;
  • Decision: Informing the client about the decision of the credit committee;
  • Disbursement: Arranging the disbursement in collaboration with the Back Office and the client Advisors;
  • Monitoring and Recovery: The LO is fully responsible for his/her loan portfolio and has to ensure punctual repayments by monitoring loans with the Bank’s software (myMBS) and contacting and visiting clients. In case of late payments, the LO has to take immediate measures, including contacting client and guarantors, on-site visits and assisting in any legal procedures until full repayment of the loan.


Ensure high-quality standards for the bank

  • The LO is responsible for complying with the Bank’s credit policy, the credit procedures and all memos and regulations concerning the credit department at all times;
  • All necessary credit forms have to be filled in by the LO before presenting a loan proposal to the credit committee;
  • The LO conducts monitoring client visits on a regular basis in order to be always up to date with the financial and personal situation of clients in his/her portfolio;
  • The LO is obliged to report problematic loans immediately to the Group Leader and/or Branch Manager as soon as he/she becomes aware of such situations;
  • The LO participates in the credit committee and/or the recovery committee. His/her participation is active, critical and conscientious.



Reach targets set by the credit department

The LO is obliged to reach all quantitative and qualitative targets set by the SME department.


Required to comply with the Bank’s Code of Conduct, to treat clients and colleagues according to the code, and inform his/her superiors about any violation of the code


Other tasks

  • Responsible for additional ad hoc tasks as assigned by the Chief Business Officer, Head of SME, Branch Manager and/or Group Leader.
  • Anticipating, identifying and promptly addressing tasks and issues that arise in their area of responsibility that is not specified in the job description.  Ensuring that their manager is aware of these tasks and issues.

Results expected to achieve

Results are according to the LO Development Policy.

  • Drive for Results: Achieving a monthly disbursement target fulfillment of at least 90% (performing).
  • Portfolio Quality, Monitoring, and Recovery: Ability to maintain at every time an excellent portfolio quality, i.e. an average monthly PAR1 of not more than 3%; inform/instruct/educate clients pro-actively to prevent overdue; ability to confront difficult clients and to take accurate recovery measures independently and on time; decides adequately and independently, when to seek the support of superiors.
  • Knowledge, Compliance, and Accuracy: In-depth knowledge of credit products, procedures, and regulations; demonstrates awareness of their importance and complies 100% with them without any support of superiors; 99% accuracy in fulfilling the tasks; inspires trust.
  • Self-Discipline: Completes tasks in time; punctual; adhere to instructions; meets deadlines; keeps agreements; inspires reliability.
  • Planning and Organising: Organises workload to maximize efficiency; ensures target-fulfillment, excellent portfolio quality and high service quality to the client throughout the month.
  • Credit Committee: At Credit Committee, presents cases for approval clearly and succinctly, acknowledging and responding to the opinions of other team members, and contributing constructive comments and opinions to the presentations of other team members.
  • Team Work: Relationship of respect and support to other team members; offers support to, and seeks support from, others; shares knowledge with others; building up a productive relationship with team members.
  • Client Orientation: Listens effectively and respectfully to clients’ needs and concerns offering solutions and explanations in a professional manner; ensures a minimum processing time; considers client’s need and requests in the loan proposal without increasing the risk.
  • Initiative, Independent and Pro-active Work: Takes initiatives and works independently to carry out daily work without the need of supervision by the Group Leader within her/his levels of authorities; knows exactly the boundaries of authority and when to seek support from superiors; anticipates and addresses problems.
  • Openness and Learning: Listens to critics openly; discusses critical issues constructively; open to change opinion, if reasonable and independently with whom s/he discusses; implements corrections given by the Group Leaders or other superiors immediately; accepts openly decisions of Group Leaders and other superiors.

Profile / Requirements

Necessary experience, knowledge & soft skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration or other related fields,
  • Experience: at least 1 year (excluding probation period) as a Loan Officer or relationship officer, credit officer,
  • Excellent knowledge about Banking compliance with Credit Policy & Procedures,
  • Good analytical skills,
  • Good knowledge and understanding of Rwanda lending culture or financial Sector, including crosschecks, ratios and financial statements (cash flow & balance sheet) and various industries as the market to be targeted,
  • Basic skills and experience in working with Microsoft Excel of advantage,  
  • Proven ability and willingness to work in a team,
  • Good knowledge of financial mathematics and accounting,
  • Fluency in English and Kinyarwanda,
  • Ability, willingness & interest to work in the field (around 50% of working time)
  • High level of integrity and loyalty,

Evidence of the ability to:

  • Self-starter and teamwork player
  • Set high standards and meet targets
  • Organize and prioritize his/her own workload
  • Work under pressure
  • Be highly reliable

Interested candidates should send ONLY:

  • Letter of Interest
  • CV
  • Copy of academic qualifications

To not later than 20th May 2019.

[NOTE: Please state the POSITION in the subject of the email.]

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.