Strategic Plan Development for Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA)

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International NGO working in the Agricultural sector, through mainly using funds from USAID and or USADF


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Call for Applications-Local Individual Consultant

Assignment Title: Strategic Plan Development for Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA)

Location:               Rwanda           
Duration (LOE):     Up to a maximum of 30 days

Assignment dates: June - August 2019

Scope of Work
I.    Project Overview


Land O’Lakes International Development is implementing the Cooperative Development Activity 4 (CD4), a USAID-funded, five-year activity ending in August 2023, that is focusing on improving the business performance of primary cooperatives and strengthening cooperative apex organizations in Rwanda through capacity development initiatives as well as local and global collaborative learning initiatives. CD4 is a part of the Cooperative Development Program that is funded out of USAID-Washington and implemented by nine cooperative development organizations globally.

The objectives of the CD4 will be reached through three major components:

  • Improving the cooperative enabling environment;
  • Improving cooperative business performance; and
  • Improving the development of community support for cooperatives.

Land O’Lakes is working with key players in the development of cooperatives like National Confederation of Cooperatives of Rwanda (NCCR), federations and Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) to improve the cooperative enabling environment.

II.    About RCA 

 The Rwanda Cooperative Agency is a public institution in charge of regulating and promoting economic, social, and other activities of general interest to cooperative organizations. The vision of  RCA  is to promote an autonomous and economically viable cooperative movement founded on the cooperative values and principles and to enhance social integration and uplifting the standard of living of its members. This institution is under the Ministry of Trade and Industry and is in charge of ensuring effective implementation of cooperative policy in Rwanda. 

III.    Assignment Goal and Objectives 

The government of Rwanda has recently developed new cooperative policy, however, Rwanda Cooperative Agency needs a long-term strategy to execute their activity goals as well as implement the newly developed policy. It is within this background that Land O’Lakes is looking for an individual local consultant to develop a seven-year strategic plan for RCA.

The overall objective of this consultancy is to develop RCA’s long term strategic plan, allowing them to serve better the evolving needs of the Rwandan cooperatives. The consultant will work in a team of other consultants, including international consultants.

IV.    Specific Assignment Tasks

 The consultant specific tasks will include:

  • Preliminary meeting with RCA, Land O’Lakes and other relevant partners for assignment orientation
  • Desk review of useful documents guiding cooperatives in Rwanda (ex: the new cooperative policy, RCA’s old strategic plan, national strategies, among others)
  • Work with the international consultant and develop RCA strategic plan
  • Prepare and submit a draft strategic plan
  • Organize and conduct a pre-validation workshop with key stakeholders to get feedback
  • Address feedback provided at the workshop and submit finalized strategic plan to RCA and Land O'Lakes
  • Facilitate a half day validation workshop bringing together major actors of the cooperative sector in Rwanda, to present the final strategic plan
  • Submit the developed strategic plan to RCA, and copy to Land O’Lakes

V.    Outputs and Deliverables

Key Tasks to be Accomplished, Expected Deliverables and Timeframe



Deliverable description 

Estimated LOE (Days)


Preliminary meeting with RCA, Land O’Lakes, CRS  and other stakeholders

  • Meet with Land O’Lakes and RCA to get an orientation of the assignment.



Desk review of useful documents guiding cooperatives inRwanda

  • Review of the new cooperative policy, RCA’s old strategic plan, national strategies and other useful documents



Development of RCA strategic plan

  • Draft strategic plan developed;

through but not limited to hosting consultative working sessions with RCA, and all key stakeholders in the cooperative sector.


Submit  and present draft strategic plan to RCA, Land O'Lakes, CRS and other key stakeholders in the cooperative sector

  • Submit a draft strategic plan including but not limited to strategic objectives, an implementation plan for each strategic objective and monitoring plan. 



Organize and conduct consultative workshops

  • Facilitate pre-validation consultative workshops with key stakeholders to collect feedback on drafted strategic plan.



Finalize RCA strategic plan


  • Submit final strategic plan to RCA and Land O'Lakes



Organize and facilitate validation workshop

  • Facilitate a validation workshop to present the final strategic plan



Total days


 VI.    Consultant Qualification and skills


  • Master’s degree in business, management, Cooperative management, economics or another related development field.
  • Proven background in developing strategies and or policies for large entities (public, private or development organization)- at minimum proof of 2 strategies/policies developed
  • A minimum of 8 years of technical field experience working with cooperatives movement in Rwanda
  • Fluent in Kinyarwanda and English

Interested consultants are encouraged to send their cover letter, CV and one sample strategic plan that they authored to  no later than May 20th, 2019 at 6:00 PM Kigali time. The title of the email must include “Strategic Plan Development for RCA.”