Supply and Installation of Medical Equipment

Rwanda Medical Supply Ltd

Rwanda Medical Supply Limited is a large scale corporation created and owned by the Government of Rwanda. RMS ltd objective is to ensure the availability of medicines, medical supplies, and consumables in the right quantity, with the acceptable quality, to the right place and customers, at the right time and with optimum cost to the Rwandan population.

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SUBJECT: Additional information on Technical Requirements.

Reference made to the above mentioned tender and considering further clarification required, we would like to inform the interested bidders about the following amendments 

Major highlights of changes in this addendum

Schedule of requirement 

  1. Schedule of requirements are amended as per attached details to this addendum. The details of this addendum may be obtained at RMS head office in working days from 7:00 am to 5 pm.

N.B a) The bidder is required to provide full specifications for the item quoted for.
        b) For Lot 3 item 3.16 (Supply, installation and training of Gas Flow Analyser) the estimated quantity is 10.

  1. After the publication of the tender mentioned above it was noted that there is an  additional equipment that needs to be added in the same tender. Accordingly, by this addendum, we would like to publish (Medical Compressed Air System with reservoir Tank (200ltr.) and related technical specifications
  2. The deadline for bids submission for all above mentioned tenders is extended up to 30th November 2022
  3. Other clauses which are not mentioned in this addendum No1remain unchanged as announced in initial tender.



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