Supply of TVET Equipment and Materials (Welding Trade)


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Violent conflict tears apart societies and colors all relationships. Interpeace builds trust as the glue that bring societies back together.

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Kigali, Rwanda

July 26th, 2022


Title: Supply of TVET Equipment and Materials (Welding Trade)

Location:   Rwanda

Closing date:  August 15th 2022

About Interpeace

Interpeace is an international organization for peacebuilding, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Its aim is to strengthen the capacities of societies to manage conflict in non-violent, non-coercive ways by assisting national actors in their efforts to develop social and political cohesion. Interpeace also strives to assist the international community (and in particular the UN) to play a more effective role in supporting peacebuilding efforts around the world through better understanding and response to the challenges of creating local capacities that enhance social and political cohesion. For more information about Interpeace, please visit


In the 27 years since the genocide against the Tutsi, Rwanda has made strident efforts towards recovery and healing, across various dimensions of social and economic life. This has been characterized by cross-sectoral and locally owned innovations in diverse fields of practice, such as mental health, social cohesion, and sustainability of livelihoods. With the funding from European Union, Interpeace Rwanda is seeking to support the implementation of Rwanda Government’s mental health strategy (2020-2024), Through the ‘’Reinforcing community capacity for social cohesion and reconciliation through societal trauma healing in Bugesera District’’ Programme, Interpeace supported the training of young women and men in Bugesera District to acquire TVET skills in the trades of their choice.  This Programme is implemented in partnership with Prison Fellowship Rwanda (PFR), the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC), Bugesera District, Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS) and the Ministry of Health through Rwanda Bio-medical Center (RBC). 

The acquisition of these skills as well as eventual start-up kits to these youth to form cooperatives and start income generating activities is in line with promoting “Reconciliation in Action”, growth-driven, forward-looking socio-economic initiatives aimed at strengthening the link between psychosocial wellbeing, reconciliation, and economic development. The successful bidder will be required to deliver the Youth TVET and RCS Equipment and Materials to these groups in Bugesera District in good condition. 

Delivery location for the Equipment

The Equipment and materials will be delivered to the respective Hub locations in Bugesera District.

Technical Specifications

The required equipment/materials shall conform to the minimum technical specifications as specified on the individual item in the attached detailed equipment list.

Quotation Requirements

Quotations must include the following information at a minimum. Incomplete quotations may be              rejected.

  • Full company name, physical and mailing address, and country of registration of the bidder.
  • Detailed company profile and understanding of the tender as regards the equipment technical specifications, purpose, and price which should be in Rwanda Francs.
  • Delivery timing and terms.
  • Past supply information-At least 2 references from reputable organizations with supply of the same quantity or more.
  • Please include “Supply of “TVET Equipment and Materials” in the subject line of the application e-mail.

Tender Submission Guidelines

  • Financial proposal: The contractor shall propose a reasonable cost estimate. The registered company shall be entirely responsible for all taxes incurred.
  • Experience: Bidding companies shall include information regarding their experience in the business, customer lists, proof of supplying similar goods such as copies of contracts, certificates of supply completion, etc. Bidders are encouraged to provide at least 3 reference letters in relation to supply of the similar goods.
  • Bid validity period: 90 calendar days.

Selection method 

The selection will be based on demonstrated experience in business, fulfillment of the product technical specifications as per the Tender Notice, and cost.


The outcome of the selection shall be notified to the bidders through the email and thereafter the successful bidder shall be invited for contract negotiation and signing.

Validity of bids

The validity of bids shall be 90 days starting from the deadline for submission of bids. Interpeace Rwanda may cancel the tender at any time before the signing of the contract, including the reduction on prices of items that Interpeace will judge to be out of the normal range.

Administrative Requirements

The bid document must include the following administrative documents at a minimum. Incomplete quotations may be rejected.

  • Business registration certificate
  • Valid tax clearance certificate

Quotations and Submission

Well-presented bids prepared in English language must be sent to Interpeace Rwanda via  not later than August 15th, 2022, at 2pm local time. Bids submitted after the fore mentioned date and time will be rejected.

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