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Supply of 100 Pigs

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Supply of 100 Pigs

Benishyaka is a local Non-Governmental Organization(NGO) that has been operating in Rwanda for the last  25 years.  Our mission is to be a leading community development organization, restoring Hope and empowering vulnerable communities like Widows, youth, and Orphans.  On support from VI AGROFORESTRY – Rwanda to implement Youth Empowerment  For Sustainable Agriculture (YESA) project in Kayonza District.  We are looking for competent companies or individual Farmers to supply 100 modern/improved pigs to be distributed to the beneficiaries of YESA project in Ndego and Nyamirama   Sectors – Kayonza District.

The interested bidders should submit in their bids indicating the prices, copies of trading license, and receipt of payment of non-refundable fees of 10.000frw on Bank account  0040-0479786-40 in Bank of Kigali in the names of Benishyaka.

For more details please contact Benishyaka Secretariat on telephone number 0788629499. The bids should be submitted in a sealed envelop indicating the tender to Supply 100 pigs to Benishyaka  beneficiaries.

The deadline for submitting in the bids should be done not later than 25th /9/2020 at 11.00 am, at Kimironko   Benishyaka Head Offices located on KG 206.

Done at Kigali on 16th /9/2020.


Ag Executive Secretary