Supply and delivery of Coffee Roaster

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Beautiful Coffee Rwanda (BCR) is a Fair-trade social enterprise in coffee business established in 2018. BCR is supporting a partnership program with coffee farmers to build a sustainable business model together entitled “Rwanda Coffee Cooperative Business Accelerating Project”. We introduce coffee farmers in Western Province the concept of fair trade and other certifications which are needed to enhance the capacity to find better international buyers.

Bids are invited from the interested competent suppliers/vendors registered in the government of Rwanda fulfilling the eligibility requirements are invited for the supply and delivery of “Coffee Roaster” for market promotion of Rwanda coffee through the support to establish a marketing platform with fulfilling the eligibility requirements.

The following are the eligibility requirement:





Maximum Price













Coffee Roaster


Batch capacity-5kg, Roasting tome-11-17min, Voltage-220, Frequency-50-60 Hz, Number of motors-4, Heat source-LPG, Heating system-Thermal transfer, Gas connector-1/2, Exhaust outlet diameter-150mm, Computer-controlled roasting, Gas security system, digital temperature indication, flame control, hot air control flap, ignition lighter for pilot, sampling spoon and sight glass, independent motors and fans for the roasting drum and cooling tray, high performance, cooling tray and fan system, external chaff collector, audible warning


 Eligibility of Supplier (Firm)

  1. The bidder must have experience undersupply and delivery of materials for at least 3 years prior to the application submission deadline with fulfilling the requirements.
  2. Suppliers interested in the bid shall submit the quotation with material’s spec, copy of firm registration, latest tax clearance certificate, VAT along with bid document.
  3. Eligible bidders may obtain further information and bidding documents at the office of Beautiful Coffee Rwanda as indicated in section (4) below or bid document will be available through the mentioned email upon request.
  4. All bids must be submitted on or before 1:00 PM, 17th October 2019. No documents will be received after this deadline. Envelopes shall be clearly marked “Bid document for supply & delivery of Coffee Roaster”. The signed hard copy of bids/offers has to be submitted in the sealed envelope addressed to:


Beautiful Coffee Rwanda Ltd,

Phone No: 0782453029


Address: KG 9 Ave, 10 Nyarutarama, Kigali (Nearby RDB)

P.O Box 6142 Kigali

Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders representatives who choose to attend at 3:00 PM on 17th October 2019 at the office as indicated in section (4) above.

  1. Bidders have to provide Performance Bank Guarantee of 5% of the quoted bid amount (with VAT) with a check until the bid’s deadline as a bid deposit at the office as indicated in section (4). For bidder selected for the supply of materials, the deposit will be valid for 60 days after signing of the contract and when the winner does not fulfill the contract or break the contract without proper reason the deposit will belong to Beautiful Coffee Rwanda. For bidders unselected, Beautiful Coffee Rwanda should return the check to them with drop out a notice as soon as possible. Bids must be valid for a period of 60 days after bid opening
  2. If the last date of purchasing, submission and opening fall on a government holiday, then the next working day shall be considered as the last day.
  3. BCR reserves the right to accept or reject, wholly or partly any or all bids without assigning any reasons, whatsoever.