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Supply and Installation of IT Equipment

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Bella Flowers Ltd is a private company operating in Rwanda involved in the production of cut roses supplied to local and international markets.

Bella Flowers Ltd

P.O.Box: 659

Kigali Rwanda



Lot1: Framework contract for the supply of Laptops desktops and other accessories

Lot 2: Supply and installation of video conference equipment


Source of budget: Bella Flowers ordinary budget. 

Bella Flowers Ltd (hereinafter called ‘’Client”) has funds from its ordinary budget and intends to allocate part of it towards the cost for the Supply and Installation of IT Equipment and office furniture under Framework Contract.  The Client intends to apply a portion of the funds to eligible payments under the framework contract for which this Bidding Document is issued.

Bella Flowers Ltd invites all eligible bidders to submit their bids on the above tender indicated in three Lots, as detailed in the standard request for proposal.

Tender Document with clear terms of reference and instruction to bidders shall be obtained from Bella flowers Ltd head office at Gishali-Rwamagana in procurement office starting from 12th February 2021 during working hours upon presenting proof of payment of Rwf 10,000 none refundable for the tender document on account No 593412329210356 in BPR named Bella Flowers Ltd.

Inquiries regarding this tender may be addressed to Procurement and Logistic Manager of Bella Flowers Ltd on Email:  Tel: +250 788393068.

Well-printed bids/proposals, properly bound, sealed in envelopes, and presented in four copies one of which is the original must reach the Procurement office of Bella Flowers Ltd not later than 5th March 2021 at 10.00 am prompt (local time) or 8:00 am GMT. Late bids will be rejected.

The opening of bids will take place on the same day at 10.30 a.m. prompt (local time) or 8:30 am GMT at Bella Flowers Ltd head office, Gishali-Rwamagana in the presence of the bidders or their representatives who will choose to attend.   All companies are allowed to participate in both lots.

The Outer envelope should clearly indicate the tender title. The bidding process will be conducted in accordance with Bella Flowers procurement policy. 



Chief Executive Officer

Bella Flowers Ltd