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 Job Title: Tailors

Contract Duration: Indefinite

Reporting to: Team Supervisors

Submission Deadline: 30th January 2019

Vision Garment Ltd is recruiting Tailors  


The Tailor is someone who is responsible for the design, making pattern design, sample making, production pattern, cutting, and sewing, sorting and bundling, sewing and assembly, ensure finishing process is well done, and finally shall ensure maintenance of machines.

Vision Garment Ltd targets mostly talented tailors both male and female are highly motivated to apply.

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Using either control mechanisms or direct physical activity to operate machines or processes
  2. To Press garments, using hand irons or pressing machines.
  3. The record required alterations and instructions on tags, and attach them to garments.
  4. Assemble garment parts and join parts with basting stitches, using needles and thread or sewing machines.
  5. Confer with customers to determine types of material and garment styles desired.
  6. Develop, copy, or adapt designs for garments, and design patterns to fit measurements, applying knowledge of garment design, construction, styling, and fabric.
  7. Fit, alter, repair, and make made-to-measure clothing, according to customers' and clothing manufacturers' specifications and fit, and applying principles of garment design, construction, and styling.
  8. Fit and study garments on customers to determine required alterations.
  9. Repair or replace defective garment parts such as pockets, zippers, snaps, buttons, and linings.
  10. Estimate how much a garment will cost to make, based on factors such as time and material requirements
  11. Scheduling events, programs, and activities, as well as the work of others.

Key competencies

  1. The tailor should give full attention to what she/he is doing or being told.
  2. Strong ability to visualize to be able to imagine how something will look after it is moved around or when its parts are moved or rearranged.
  3. Able to manage time and the time of others.
  4. Able to produce above 70 pieces of mosquito net per day
  5. Excellent knowledge of using tailoring machines with modest technologies
  6. Ability to make precisely coordinated movements of the fingers of one or both hands to grasp, manipulate, or assemble very small objects.
  7. The ability to keep your hand and arm steady while moving your arm or while holding your arm and hand in one position.
  8. Able to sit for more than 4 hours without changing position
  9. Have the ability to quickly and repeatedly adjust the controls of a machine to exact positions.
  10. Ability to see details at close range (within a few feet of the observer).
  11. Strong ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences.
  12. Ability to communicate information and ideas in speaking so others will understand.
  13. The ability to quickly move your hand, your hand together with your arm, or your two hands to grasp, manipulate, or assemble objects.
  14. Knowledge of design techniques, tools, and principles involved in the production of precision technical plans, blueprints, drawings, and models.
  15. Knowledge of basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and their applications.
  16. Excellent time management, administrative and organizational skills;
  17. A flexible attitude to work;

Education and Experiences:

  1. Having a TVET diploma or certificate and other related College diplomas. A Bachelor’s degree is an added value
  2. Senior six leavers with experience in tailoring are encouraged to apply as well
  3. General awareness of the textile industry and a good understanding of the tailoring process is highly needed
  4. Able to work outside Kigali
  5. Shouldn’t be below 18 years old and not exceeding 40 years old
  6. Should be physically fit and able to work long hours
  7. The detailed terms of reference can be found on the Website: misic.org.rw 

Remuneration and Fringe Benefits

This is an attractive job post with good remuneration commensurate to the post. Benefits are also provided.

Application Procedures:

If your career aspirations match these challenging and exciting roles, please apply online by using the “Apply for This Job” button below. Your application should include three (3) professional references including their contacts (physical address, telephone, and email), a Cover Letter or Motivation Letter clearly specifying why you’re interested in this job. Applications should be addressed to the Managing Director, Vision Garment Ltd. The vacancy is now available to interested persons and detailed job description can be found on  www.misic.org.rw 

Note: Only applicants who will qualify shall be contacted. No telephone inquiries, please.

Closing date for receipt of applications will be 30th January 2019.


Done at Kigali, on 31st December 2018


Richard Rutayisire

Managing Director