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Talent Detection, Training, and Capacity Building Consultancy

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Position Title

Talent Detection, Training, and Capacity Building Consultancy

Reporting to:

Project consultants

Overall supervision by:

ICT Chamber

Duration of the contract

12 months, renewable based on performance.

1. Background 

Rwanda ICT Chamber is an arm of the Private Sector Federation (PSF). Established in 2011, the Rwanda ICT Chamber is the leading partner for organizations to share experience, network, and meet key players in the Rwandan ICT sector. At ICT Chamber, we help our members to work with the right associations, companies, and individuals and ensure that they get the needed skills, opportunities, and tools to grow.

The ICT Chamber is therefore implementing a partnership program with the German IT association BITMi ( The Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi) is the only IT trade association that represents profiled exclusively medium-sized interests. The members are medium-sized IT companies from all areas of the IT industry, which are predominantly owner-managed. In the association, both established IT companies and start-ups come together to find and define common interests. BITMi's goal is to accelerate the business growth and productivity of IT SMEs and drive market development through intensive networking and capacity building. 

The project is under the Partner Africa initiative, which is a program sponsored by BMZ; the German ministry of cooperation. The duration of the project is 3 years. 

Project goal: A strengthened Rwandan ICT sector that contributes to the intensification of cooperation relations between Rwandan and German ICT ecosystems.

The project constitutes:

i. Establishing well-thought strategic components aiming at building Rwandan ICT-related skills and capacities.

ii. Generating business opportunities for both the Rwandan and German markets.

iii. Contributing in ICT- related institutional development and creating long term partnership between Rwandan and German ICT ecosystems.

2. About the tender

The ICT Chamber wishes to hire a Consultancy Agency to provide support to the Project team. The consultant will be responsible to carry out a wide range of projects namely: 1) Talent detection, 2) Training, 3) Hackathons.

It is evident that in Rwanda most of the innovation and IT ideas, start-ups, and supporting projects and initiatives are concentrated in the capital Kigali with little knowledge about IT talents (potential and existing) outside the capital. 

IT talent detection will be organized with the idea to create awareness, build interest in the young people, and identify promising future IT talents that can be further supported in the 4 provinces outside of Kigali. After identifying young talents, the consultancy firm will assess and identify existing gaps and conduct tailored capacity building programs to address identified gaps. After completing training, young talents will apply learned skills and practices in hackathons.

The principle of a hackathon is to get identified talents together to collaborate on a specific project. The idea here is to give an alternative approach to solve real-world problems in an innovative way through a hackathon.

3. Contract Information 

The purpose therefore of this tender is to conclude framework contracts for the provision of the services specified in the Terms of Reference. Under the overall supervision of the Rwanda ICT Chamber, direct supervision of the project consultants, the contracted institution will be responsible for a wide framework from talent detection across the country, training, designing, and leading hackathons components of the project.

Framework contracts shall be signed for an initial one year period and shall be renewable up to a maximum of three times under the same conditions. Prior to the signature of specific contracts, ICT Chamber shall determine the specifications of required services, which will be planned in advance to guarantee the highest quality of deliverables. It is expected that the service provider shall reply to the request for services with an offer which upon acceptance by the ICT Chamber shall be used as the basis for the preparation of the specific contract.

Specific contacts for services shall be duly signed by ICT Chamber and sent to the contractor for countersignature. Upon receipt of the specific contract, the contractor shall countersign the specific contract and send it back to ICT Chamber within a maximum of 10 working days from the date of issuance.

4. Terms of Reference

  • Demonstrate potential access to a pool of talents in the ICT field and other engineering disciplines preferably with a network of academics institutions (IPRCs and universities) across the country.
  • Develop selection tools and lead the process of talent profiling based on capabilities to identify outstanding talents who will join the program.
  • Develop training curriculum for the beneficiaries using the latest industry-centric methodologies.
  • Successful completion of training/workshops in the given timeline.
  • Develop and maintain a project training database; contribute, as necessary, to the design and maintenance of databases and other information systems related to project activities and other capacity building initiatives of the Mission. 
  • Ensure proper quality control is provided to all training and capacity building undertakings under the project through regular monitoring and evaluation, in-process and after-action reviews, and by obtaining feedback from beneficiaries. 
  • Lead and design hackathon that will contain talents that completed training to solve a real-life issue using technology and skills learned from training.
  • Serve as a primary focal point of the project; assist in identifying the developmental needs of trainees, and designing and implementation of customized training for them. 
  • Manage and coordinate all admin/logistics/operations matters throughout the whole consultancy period. 
  • Preparing, printing, and delivering all training materials including teaching aids and materials to accompany each training event.
  • Provide detailed reports of activities progress.
  • Have access to space for identified talents to turn innovative ideas into working solutions specifically in the hardware and electronics domain.
  • Guide identified talents with a core focus in the fields of - Computer-Aided Design, Engineering, Electronics, Digital Fabrication, and other High-Tech innovative business.
  • Making linkages with industry partners, potential customers or investors, and distribution channels for successful projects or products.

5. Expectations

5.1. The following will be the expected deliverables of the consultancy:

  1. The work plan of all activities (a roadmap of activities from talent detection to hackathons) includes strategy and proposed methodologies, timeline as well as quality assurance plan. NB: The work plan should highlight ways of completing activities considering restrictions imposed on us by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  2. Developing monitoring and evaluation tools for the cohort of beneficiaries.

  3. Successful facilitation of the training/workshop.

  4. Report after completion of each milestone/task; milestones being talent detection, training, and hackathons.

  5. Final report after completion of all activities in this tender.

  6. Fully developed innovative ICT solutions from identified talents that are ready for deployment after the completion of activities.

5.2 Professionalism:  

  • Identifies issues, opportunities, and risks central to responsibilities. 

  • Incorporates gender-related needs, perspectives, and concerns, and promotes equal gender participation.

  • Persistent, calm, and polite in the face of challenges and stress.  

  • Treats all colleagues with respect and dignity. 

  • Works effectively with people from different cultures 

5.3 Teamwork:  

  • Actively contributes to an effective and agreeable team environment.

  • Contributes to, and engages the team to achieve the project’s overall goal.  

  • Gives credit where credit is due and seeks input and feedback from reliable stakeholders. 

  • Delegates tasks and responsibilities as appropriate.

  • Establishes realistic resource requirements to meet ICT Chamber needs.

Quality Assurance / Relationship Manager 

The selected training providers should appoint one relationship manager who will be responsible for the management of the relationship with the ICT Chamber. The relationship manager will act as a single point of contact between the ICT Chamber and the services provider for all program activities. The relationship manager should respond to email queries and phone calls within 24 hours and resolve outstanding issues within 3 working days. 


1. We encourage consortium application in case a single consultancy agency can not provide all the services mentioned in this tender. We also encourage incubators and innovation hubs to apply as well.

2. As you submit your bid, please don't forget to mention the title of the tender you are bidding for.

Applicants must submit their proposals to and