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Expertise France is the French international technical expertise agency. Its mission is to participate in France's policy of international cooperation, development aid and economic influence, by responding to the growing demand for expertise from developing countries and emerging countries to build public policies, taking into consideration their institutional, economic, demographic, social and environmental challenges.

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EU funded Twinning Project

Strengthening Rwanda Food and Drug Authority’s regulatory functions related to medicinal products including vaccines

Terms of Reference Assistant / Translator to the Resident Twinning Adviser (RTA)

Expertise France is recruiting:

Two full-time Assistants / Translators to the Resident Twinning Adviser (RTA)

Duration: 24 months    

Starting date: January 2023

End of contract: December 2024

Position is based in:  FDA: Food and Drugs Authority; Kigali

Gross monthly salary depending on experience

Duration: 24 months    


Rwanda has taken a number of steps to improve its health sector among which Rwanda applied in 2018 for the WHO Global Benchmarking Analysis (GBT) to assess its capacity of its medical products regulatory system and thus enable Rwanda's manufacturers to apply for vaccine prequalification. It is therefore expected that for Rwanda to be recognized by the WHO as a regulatory authority, the control of medicines, including vaccines, by the Rwanda FDA requires improvement to reflect the current state of science and technology. The twinning project therefore makes sense and should trigger and lead to institutional changes by maintaining a keen awareness of scientific developments in the pharmaceutical field through partnerships with more established regulatory agencies.

The overall objective of this project is to improve the enabling environment for regulation of medicinal products and vaccines in Rwanda. That is why, through this EU twinning project in Rwanda, France, Germany, Belgium, and Lithuania aim to combine their expertise and experiences in a consortium to support strengthening the capacity of the Rwanda Food and Drug Authority (Rwanda FDA) to fully play its regulatory functions, including marketing authorisation and registration, licensing and inspection of premises, market surveillance and enforcement.

The project has three components:

  • Component 1, which is to improve the legal framework and regulatory functions linked to medicinal products, will be led by France through its health agencies (ANSM, HAS) and pharmacovigilance agencies (CRPV) and supported by Germany (BfArM) and Lithuania (SMCA).
  • Component 2 which is to strengthen of market surveillance and control function will be implemented by France and supported by Belgium (Sciensano) and Lithuania.
  • Component 3, which is to support the establishment of the official batch release function for vaccines, will be led by Germany and supported by Belgium and France. Additional expertise is foreseen with the support of Sweden, Austria and Greece.

The project is planned for two years and the budget is 2 million of euros.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assisting the RTA and twinning team in all the day-to-day all administrative and logistical matters. Assisting RTA by providing day to day management of the project - monitoring, evaluating implemented activities.
  • Providing translation and consecutive interpretation from English/French to Kinyarwanda and vice versa for the RTA, project leaders, component leaders and short term experts, when necessary (acting as a translator/interpreter, when necessary).
  • Assisting the RTA in identifying, verifying and monitoring project procedures - by making sure that all the documents are delivered and registered and delivered on time - according to all the project rules/regulations.
  • Maintaining close working contacts and relations with beneficiary administration and project stakeholders (including project leaders, component leaders, short term experts and counterparts involved in the Twinning) and partners;
  • Providing support to the short term experts and component leaders during their missions in Kigali and the project leaders during the meetings of the Project Steering Committees and internal working meetings on Rolling Work Plan and Communication and Visibility Plan of the project.
  • Reporting to the RTA
  • Control supporting documents for payments, review financial reports -Ensuring compliance with all financial and procurement procedures.
  • Ensure the logistical follow-up of the EU Twinning Project: phone calls, local meetings organisation, appointments arrangement, filing, mission certificates of experts drawing-up and sending, missions of experts calendar updating, type letters drafting, documents making-up. Process incoming and outgoing correspondence (registration, follow-up, transmission, dissemination) 
  • Ensure logistics for experts missions, including travel arrangements, hotels booking, venues finding and documentation preparing as necessary;
  • Ensure the access to information and documentation of the projects and the regular updating of the Cloud designed for the share of documentation and information between the twinning management team (RTA, assistants, Expertise France Project Officer and Team leader) and between the several project’s stakeholders ;
  • Support the organisation of events: documentation research, information dissemination, conference and workshops preparation, logistical aspects related to the event’s organisation;
  • Ensure the editing of web-pages, social networks and other communication activities;
  • Provide support with the research of information and documentation linked to environmental health, health impact assessment, environmental impact assessment, any other topics related to the project’s objectives;
  • Provide support in editing documents in English, Kinyarwanda and French ;


  • University Degree in health, Public health, Pharmacy, Languages or any other relevant diploma;
  • Knowledge of Health sector and specifically oh health products and vaccines;
  • General knowledge of EU-funded projects procedures;
  • Computer proficiency in MS office;
  • Fluency in Kinyarwanda, English and French is required;
  • Good contact with people and interpersonal skills;
  • Team spirit;
  • At ease with intercultural context;

The following experience and skills will be considered as an asset for the RTA Assistant:

  • 5 years of relevant experience at the national or international level;
  • Experience of participation in international projects dealing with health or environmental policies/projects/ reforms;
  • Experience in logistical management for international projects; 

Interested candidates should apply using the "Apply" button below not later than 4th December 2022.

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