Terms of Reference Consultancy to Recruit Project Proposal Writing Consultants

CARE International Rwanda
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1. Background  

CARE International is a global humanitarian organization with physical presence in 104 countries worldwide in 2021. CARE’s vision is to seek a world of hope, inclusion, and social justice where poverty have been overcome and all people live in dignity and security. With the same vision, CARE International was established in Rwanda on September 4th, 1984. Ever since then, CARE played various roles in supporting and advancing development and humanitarian work in Rwanda. In July 2020, the CARE vision 2030 was developed and approved by the CARE International Board. This vision outlines a shared future with the main ambitions of the impact CARE would like to achieve, the organizational identity it needs to embrace, and the resources needed to achieve this vision. The following are the programming focus areas:

1.Women’s economic justice (WEJ)

4. Gender equality

2.Right to health

5. Climate justice

3. Right to food, water, and nutrition

6.Humanitarian action

In alignment with the above CI vision 2030, CARE International in Rwanda revised its program strategy in April-June 2021. The CARE Rwanda program strategy will now focus on the following main impact areas:

1.Women’s economic and climate justice

2.Gender justice and right to health

Resource mobilisation remains the critical function in the country office to operationalize the new program strategy, as most donors decide to fund development in Rwanda through government support. Therefore, the purpose of this consultancy is to recruit an experienced consultant or a consultancy firm to support project proposals aligned with the above two program focus areas CARE will focus on until 2025. 

As CARE is targeting different types of donors, specific terms of references, specific deliverables and a specific timeline will be developed for each proposal writing assignment.

2. Objective of the consultancy  

CARE International in Rwanda is seeking services of an experienced/competent proposal writing consultant or a consultancy firm to support project proposal writing assignments aligned with the current program strategy. A framework agreement for a consultant or consultancy firm on retainer basis will be signed. 

3. Expected key deliverables 

The following are the key deliverables for this consultancy:  

Deliverable / Tasks

Tentative Deadline

Number of workdays*

Literature review (government programs/ strategies, policies, CARE interventions models, project evaluation reports and impact briefs, etc)



Preparing and facilitating design workshops



Facilitate design workshops/meetings + report



Draft the project proposals



Revise the proposal considering inputs and comments from CARE and partners 



Total workdays


4. Role of CARE 

  • Share all the documents needed for literature review
  • Organize and invite participants for the proposal design workshops/meetings
  • Liaise with CARE member partner and provide guidance to the consultant
  • Review the draft concepts/proposals from the consultant and give comments 
  • Respond to any questions the consultant might have

5. Assignment Duration

Specific terms of references, specific deliverables and a specific timeline will be developed for each proposal writing assignment. 

6. Supervision and working conditions

The consultant will be reporting to the Head of Knowledge, Learning and Opportunities Management and will be mixing working remotely and physically from CARE’s office or hotels in Rwanda. 

7. Required Skills and Competencies for the Consultant(s) 

  • Proven experience in project concept/proposal writing, with traceable strong record in writing winning proposals to traditional & private donors, foundations and government donors
  • Strong understanding of gender, GBV, adolescent programming and women’s economic justice thematic areas.  
  • General understanding of gender programming, familiarity with CARE’s gender equality framework and women economic justice framework is preferred
  • Practical experience in donor mapping and resource mobilization
  • Strong ability to conceptualize and design new interventions (innovation)
  • Experience in designing action research projects
  • Ability to facilitate and lead a team with or without physical presence (remote management of a team)  
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English. 

8. Application procedures

Interested consultant or firm should submit their expression of interest including their track record (CVs) and consultancy daily rate by email to rwa.procurement@care.org by July 4th, 2022, at 5pm, Rwanda time. The application should indicate the following:

The application file should contain the following documents:

  • A technical proposal, with a clear timeframe and a description of the proposed methodology detailing how the deliverables will be achieved, the team suggested, the credentials for similar assignments.
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae of the proposed team to carry out the assignment with clear roles and functions
  • A financial offer with the daily rate and detailed costs associated with the delivery of the above services, in PDF format. The offer must be a separate document from the technical offer.
  • Evidence of the experience in doing similar assignments: Copies of similar assignments (with evidence for good completion of the previous similar assignments);
  • At least 3 references with their contact information;
  • Consultant firm profile; VAT registration certificate; RRA tax clearance certificate; RSSB tax clearance certificate (when applicable)

Kigali June 21st, 2022

Procurement unit

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