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Terms of Reference Call for proposals to design, develop and maintain CCM Rwanda website

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Terms of Reference Call for proposals to design, develop and maintain of CCM RWANDA website

The Country Coordinating Mechanism of the Global Fund in Rwanda (CCM-RWANDA) is a national, multi-sectoral body founded in 2002 for coordinating and mainstreaming the Global Fund-supported activities in Rwanda.

The goal of the Global Fund CCM-RW is to contribute to the strengthening of measures to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria in Rwanda.

The Country Coordinating Mechanism manages and contributes to better outcomes of the Global Fund -funded programs and projects and maintains effective coordination between Global Fund-related activities. The CCM-RWANDA utilizes existing public sector mechanisms, civil society organizations, private sector, and international multilateral and bilateral agencies dealing with AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria diseases to promote effective services, prevent duplication of efforts and support coordinating mechanisms involving different stakeholders.

CCM-RWANDA communicates with its partners through traditional means of communication including telephone calls, emails, physical and virtual meetings, and interpersonal communication.

1.    Scope of the Assignment 

CCM-RWANDA is seeking the services of an individual or a firm to design and build CCM- RWANDA’s website.

Under the guidance of the CCM-RWANDA Permanent Secretary, the service provider will be expected to undertake the following tasks:

a.    Develop the user-friendly (both on the front and back end) design, layout, structure, all including strong visual language and a responsive design for the website by following an iterative development process with the involvement and support of the CCM-RWANDA; 

b.    Investigate and propose options to set-up or link to partners’ websites; 

c.    Integrate effective search and aggregate functions that interact with social media platforms, a CCM-RWANDA  discussion board, and linkages to an easily managed  e-mail newsletter as well as a way to manage visitors and those interested in receiving updates about CCM-RWANDA; 

d.    Provide guidance to CCM-RWANDA  on web hosting needs and security setups and administration privileges and controls ;

e.    Develop a clear and accessible user guide and troubleshooting manual for the website and the Content Management System;

f.    Closely work with the  Permanent Secretary  during the course of web content development  within the task duration; 

g.    Train a minimum of two CCM-RWANDA staff on how to manage the website and CMS and easy to read user guide/training guide;

h.    Create  and operationalize CCM-RWANDA  Web-based  organizational  and  Staff  emails‘ accounts;  

i.    Provide regular maintenance and updates of CCM-RWANDA website for 12 months during which the contractor will provide training to CCM-RWANDA staff.

2.    Required skills and experience: 

Ability to meet the technical requirements of the above Bid Request. Previous experience in designing user-friendly websites that host global communities who engage with material not simply extract information.

The Bidder shall submit the following additional documents:

  1. Copy of Trading License of consultancy services
  2. Original or a certified copy of RSSB certificate
  3. Original or a certified copy of tax clearance
  4. Certificate of good completion for similar tender.

3.    Task duration: 90 days

4.    How to  apply for this consultancy

Please submit the following to

Contact person: CYIZA B. Innocent, 0788626228

5.    Bid proposal to include the following: 

Technical and Financial proposals:

  • Breakdown and total amount in Frw;
  • Timeline and work plan outlining steps and timeline for completion with a duration of the contract not to exceed three months;
  • CV(s) of designers or members of the team at a design firm, and links to at least 3 relevant sites that have been created by designer/firm;

6.    Deadline for submission:  30th November 2020 at 5:00 PM  

Done in Kigali, on 30th October 2020


Mr. CYIZA B. Innocent

CCM Permanent Secretary