Terms of Reference for Development of SOS CV Rwanda Gate Keeping Guidelines

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Established in 1949, SOS Children's Villages International is non-governmental organization working globally to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children. SOS Children's Villages International is an umbrella organization that provides support and guidance to SOS member associations in over 135 countries worldwide. Our vision is that every child belongs to a family arid grows with love, respect and security.



Introduction and general background

SOS Children’s Village is a pioneer Organisation in providing family-like care services to children without parental care through SOS Family Care and preventive measures for children at risk of losing parental care thanks to Family Strengthening Programmes. The organization recognized that children need a protective environment that boosts their development, and improves their health, education, wellbeing, and their evolving capacities to become parents, responsible citizens and contributing members of the society.

SOS Children’s Villages has been the forerunners in ensuring that this form of care is of high quality and of most benefit to the child. There is however a need to ensure that only the right target group can benefit from the existing care responses and maximize impact to children under SOS Care. In that framework, SOS Children’s Villages has always understood the necessity and importance of setting up mechanisms to prevent child family separation and child abandonment.

Thus, SOS CV engages in the development of gatekeeping and reintegration guidelines aligned with internationally recognized principles, procedures, and standards. Such guidelines will provide Member Associations in the regions with the necessary framework, approach, and tools to improve care placement and guide the admission and reintegration process at a program location level. These guidelines have recently been finalized, adopted by SOS CV Management Council on 22nd March 2019 as a Policy Support Document on “Gatekeeping”.


In a general sense, Gatekeeping can be understood as a “recognized and systematic procedure” to ensure that alternative care for children is applied only when necessary and that the children receive the most suitable support to meet their individual needs that spirit, Gatekeeping is the process of referring children and families to appropriate services or care arrangements, with the aim of preventing inappropriate placements. It ensures a tight observation of the Necessity and Suitability principles when the placement of a child in an alternative care setting is required.

Ensuring adequate gatekeeping is one of SOS CV key responsibilities in its role of providing of alternative care and preventing family separation and child abandonment. However, the results of the recent program review (RAP) have demonstrated that there have been too many cases of insufficient gatekeeping across the federation, leading to situations where children are placed in alternative care at SOS against their best interests. SOS Children’s Villages alone cannot ensure adequate gatekeeping on its own as this is the primary responsibility of the Government. However, a joint effort and close collaboration with social welfare authorities and partner organizations are required to ensure strong gatekeeping mechanisms.

SOS international office has developed international gatekeeping guidelines which are a policy document focussing on gatekeeping at the program level and at the individual level. Countries are encouraged to develop internal gatekeeping guidelines to be approved by board members to support in quality provision of care and protection, focussing on enhancing the right target group in both alternative care and family strengthening program.

The current Terms of references are developed to provide guidance to the interested contenders who would be willing to develop SOS CV Rwanda gatekeeping Guidelines. These guidelines must be aligned to the Government gatekeeping related laws, policies, and programs and rooted in the SOS CV International Gatekeeping Guidelines.

Objectives of the assignment

  • Conduct assessment of SOS CV Rwanda admission and re-integration related internal practices in line with Gate Keeping Guidelines in 4 Locations.
  • Analyze and assess existing National Gatekeeping related existing laws, policies, mechanisms, and practices to explore their strengths, opportunities, and areas of improvement.
  • Develop SOS CV Rwanda Gatekeeping Guidelines in line existing Government laws, policies, and programs aiming at gatekeeping and rooted in SOS CV International Gatekeeping guidelines.

Expected deliverables

  • The inception report
  • Desk review report for existing National Gatekeeping related existing laws, policy, mechanisms and practices, explore their strengths, opportunities and areas of improvement
  • Assessment report of SOS CV Rwanda internal practices in line with Gatekeeping.
  • SOS CV Rwanda Gatekeeping Guidelines document

Methodology to be applied

Research methods will be integral part of the technical offer and will be assessed and inform the decision making. A general description of methodology and data collection technics are expected to be developed in the technical offer document and the winner will be required to present a detailed methodological approach in the inception report.

Expertise and other application requirements

Interested contenders should meet the following requirements

  • Holding at least a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences, Development Studies, Project Planning, and Management or in other relevant development fields is required.
  • 7+ years of experience in programs focused on social welfare systems strengthening, OVC and/or child protection programming; experience with family strengthening programs, case management approaches, and social welfare workforce capacity development preferably in the context of Rwanda.
  • Knowledgeable in quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Sound computer skills including data analysis software
  • Strong critical thinking and organizational skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English required. Track record of authoring or co-authoring gray and/or academic materials.
  • Having previous experience in conducting child rights and child care-based surveys. Previous assignments with SOS CV are an added value.

Application Instructions:

Interested individuals and consulting firms must submit the following documents:

  • Motivation letter
  • CV + supporting documents including a minimum of 3 products as main researcher in case if individual or copies of CVs of all consultants who will undertake the baseline survey in case of research/consulting firm.
  • Technical offer (maximum 3 pages) must include the following: (a) Purpose statement (to demonstrate his/her understanding and insights about the topics and deliverables; (b) Capacity statement including a record of previous similar or related assignments; (c) Proposed methodology; (d) Field Work plan.
  • Consultant or firm’s profile including full name(s), physical addresses, telephone numbers, TIN Number, Company registration certificate, Bank account, proof of previous assignments in a similar field of study
  • Financial proposal: Consultant’s Daily Rate (with supporting documentation) + total proposed budget for the whole assignment 

All requested documents must be submitted at SOS Children‘s Village Rwanda Head Office located at Kacyiru

Reporting requirements

A separate report should be developed as a standalone document for each of the deliverables as per the current terms of references.


Deadline (time frame)



7th November 2019

Advertisement of the bid


15th November 2019

Bidding closure


20th November 2019

Notification of the winner and contact signature


23rd November 2019

Inception report submission


17th December 2019

Submission of the first draft of the documents


20th November 2019

Presentation of the findings, validation and feedback workshop

To be hosted by SOS CV Rwanda

24th December 2019

Submission of the final version of the documents


Note that SOS CV Rwanda is an equal opportunity organization and promotes total transparency. Any contrary behavior or attitude will never be tolerated.

Done at Kigali,

30th October 2019


National Director/SOS CV Rwanda